Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Simply Because it's Time for Something New...

I've had a lot of blog-worthy events/thoughts lately, but somehow the time to do it escapes me. Or maybe it's the priority that is escaping... either way- it is time for my blog to say something other than Boston on it. Because that was over a month ago.

I'd like to give a shout out to the boys of Apartment 30 (Chris, Jared, and Dave). They are my new favorite. Maryn, Jessie, and I met them a few weeks ago when we decided to go sit in the hot tub. (Or should I call it hot tubbing? That makes it sound like something active though- and it is not. All you do is is get in, get too hot, get out, and repeat.) Anyway- when we got to the hot tub, there were already a few boys there. After some awkward silence followed by introductions, we learned that these boys had all consumed large amounts of steak and were sitting in the hot tub to help it settle- for some reason I think that's hilarious. So we began talking and had a pretty funny conversation and decided to hang out later that night. Unfortunately, I had EFY the next week, and so we didn't see or hear from them for the entire week. While I had a break during EFY, Maryn and I were talking and decided we needed to hang out with them again- but alas, we did not have their numbers. So- we decided a note on their door demanding their presence on Saturday night when I was done with EFY would be best. She left the note, and on Saturday, we showed up and had a TON of fun. We started out by making banana bread, then made a trip to the grocery store that was somehow amusing, made a movie with stuffed animals (which was actually incredibly funny) and finished up with a dance party. Maryn and I have hung out with our new best friends every night since, and it has been way fun. I always think it's cool how you meet certain people and instantly know you're going to be great friends. How convenient that we all happened to go to the hot tub and then have meshing senses of humor and have had a blast together ever since. Good friends = a good life.

I also had EFY the last two weeks- it went really well. Experience is priceless- I felt little to no stress either of the weeks I worked, simply because I've learned that it's not really worth it to get worked up. I think it created better relationships with my girls also- I was in a much better mood the entire week, or maybe I just had awesome girls. Maybe both- but I did have some way fun groups. Another thing I love about EFY is all the cool people I meet. I think the occupation of EFY counselor automatically attracts some of the best people in the world (also some of the craziest, don't worry) and I am grateful for the people I had the chance to meet.

The last thing that's been on my mind lately is a mission. I turn 21 in seven months. Now don't worry- although I'm 99.609093485% positive I'm going to go, I plan on keeping an eye out for a man of choice until the day I enter the MTC. Mostly because I feel like that's the right thing to do, but also because I don't know that I could help it. I do rather like boys and if a relationship suddenly turned serious and I felt good about it, I would put that first. However- the past like three weeks in Sacrament meeting, certain talks and testimonies have definitely struck me. It's almost been like pep talks from a coach before a big race or game- like I'll just be sitting there in church and think, "Oh my gosh- I have GOT to serve a mission. I can't even take it- I want to go so bad!" It's not even some like peaceful, spiritual prompting of "This is right" or whatever. No- it's like, "Let's do this! Yeah yeah mission!!"

Along the same vein, when this girl, who had served a mission, spoke in sacrament meeting, I was amazed at her conviction about the gospel. I wanted the same confidence in my testimony so bad- like it was just neat to hear her speak. I knew that she knew, without a doubt, what she was saying, and I wanted to be like her. I don't know- I just want it so bad, and I can't even explain it. :)

Knowing my life though, I'll meet someone next week and get married before my birthday. Just kidding. ;)


Looper said...

love you a lot.
and you'd be a great missionary
and wife
and mom
you really can't go wrong here
see ya soon. =)

Ann-Michelle said...

i bet it will all turn out to be some major dram where you DO meet the guy AFTER you have submitted your papers and he has to wait for you, or something. might be interesting to note that female missionaries can honorably leave the field early . . .

Ann-Michelle said...

dram means drama, gyb

Dave said...

I heart us. Let's be friends.

Erin said...

You are your boldness... I'm glad it's rubbing off on me:)

I think you would be a fabulous missionary!

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