Sunday, August 21, 2011

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I decided I'm over this blog, so I made a new one. Check it out!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I've decided to observe Lent this year. I tried telling my sister that I was celebrating Lent, but, it is not something you celebrate, it is to be observed and respected. I am observing Lent this year.

I don't know a lot about catholicism, but Lent seems like kind of a cool idea. I mean, it is fasting in a sense, right? And being LDS, I do that once a month anyway. But Lent is different. A) It's 40 days. B) You get to choose from what (or whom really) you fast.

I've decided on a health oriented Lent. Since a mission pretty much takes care of everything else I could give up, (cell phone, ipod, laptop, pants...) I'm giving up unhealthy foods. Not just sugar, but fast food and the like. I contemplated giving up a person, but once again, the mission makes it so I can give up everyone! However, if I were not going on a mission, I think my Lent sacrifice would be quite different.

So- here's to observing Lent! Happy Ash Wednesday everybody!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Happy Valentine's!!! It seems every v-day that passes since I've graduated high school is sprinkled with new engagements, which always makes me really happy for people. I love it when people start dating, get married, etc. . I'm not usually jealous, and this year is no exception. V-day is good if you have a valentine, and well... another day if you don't. :)

I just checked my facebook and noticed another engagement of a good friend. Haha hopefully I'm not the only single person who does this, but I kind of have a running list in my head of people I wouldn't-mind-maybe-someday-eventually-if-it-works-out-we'll-see-where-life-goes getting married to. Coincidentally, that list has gotten shorter and shorter as my mission approaches. They're all getting married! I mean, I knew I would be awesome enough to leave with a clean slate, leaving behind no obligations (for which I truly am grateful). But even the back of my mind hopefuls are starting to go! Of course, they're not all gone, BYU has done a pretty good job of keeping my crush stock ever re-filling itself. But still, my poor bleeding heart suffers a twinge when all these cool guys start to find other matches. Eh, you can't win 'em all. I'm sure the Champion Man of All Male Creation is out there somewhere waiting for me. He'll probably look like this:

James Marsden> I love him more than life. (oh and just like BYU... my that is a nice wedding ring he's wearing... My life never changes!)

Thursday, February 11, 2010


My blog is too pink, I know. It will change soon. But the other one before reminded me too much of those colored candy canes you can get, and I think those are gross. This one, however, makes me feel like I being suffocated at a Claire's. So, I'll change it, soon.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Something New Every Day

Yesterday, I was standing in line to get my prescription for my sinus infection. (Gross, yes. Annoying, also yes. Healed by modern medicine- yes. thankfully) Anyway, while I was standing there, I noticed the nicotine/smoking aid display. Here is my fun fact- nicotine comes in lozenge form! I personally love cough drops, so I think if I were a smoker that wanted to quit, this would be like Christmas for me. Fortunately, I'm not a smoker and thus don't need to quit, but I still think it's kind of amazing that nicotine cough drops are available.

< these ones are mint flavored.

Today's something new came from looking up directions to the Health Department (I need immunizations for my mission- in two weeks!!) on Google Maps. (sidenote- if Google wanted/needed missionaries to spread the good word of Google, I would sign up in a heartbeat. I may not be the most knowledgeable of all its facets, but, even if I don't know about them, I know they're amazing. And I know that Chrome is true.) Anyway, I'm looking up directions, and notice that you have a couple options when it comes to finding your way. Aside from the different routes, Google Maps also has a walking option. That's right, if you need to walk somewhere and don't know how to get there, Google will help you. So, out of curiosity, I clicked the walking option, and laughed out loud. First of all, they warn you about the lack of sidewalks and the danger therein. Secondly, the approximate time it will take you is also listed. Time by driving to the Health Department- roughly 16 minutes. Time for walking- about 2 hours and 18 minutes.

Also available:Walking

Google. Is. Awesome.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Tally Continues

Current temperatures this fine morning:

Honolulu : 70 degrees

Idaho Falls : 1 degree (not joking)

The countdown is to 25 days. Crazy!

I owe you nothing Idaho.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Oh Utah... How Do I Miss Thee {Highlights}

This past weekend Maryn and I hit two birds with one stone by going to Utah. She needed a ride to the airport, and I needed to see my friends. It was mildly exhausting, but mostly really fun!

We got there Thursday night, and I made it just in time for yoga at the climbing gym with Tia (and, as it were, to wave at Cute Rock Climbing boy, who, as it were, is dating someone. Maybe she'll be gone in 18 months?) Ah I love yoga. And I love Tia.

I visited Sparks, said hi to my brother, and then helped Jared edit a paper. It's possible my grammatical advice was unsolicited, but part of me always itches to add a comma or combine two sentences.

Breakfast with Sarah was really fun. Though she and I were roommates, it is pretty rare that when we get together, it's just the two of us. So I really liked that.

Climbing with Alison and Steph for the last time was a little sad, but good. Haha I didn't realize how much strength I had built up until I went this weekend, and quickly realized I had lost it. :)

The dance party with Maryn and Jessie, though short lived, was also quite fun. But probably not as good as when we tried to fit five people in one bed to watch a movie at Tyler's. I ended up sleeping on the floor, and I bet we all got maybe, maybe 3 hours of sleep.

Seeing the Joseph Smith movie and then going to some sort of Wedding Expo for the free food at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in Salt Lake was excellent. The movie was great, and it was really good to have such a clear reminder of why I started this mission business in the first place. The free food- so good. Nothing like mooching with your friends when everyone is poor.

Stopping by Sparks for a last heart to heart with some of my brother's roommates was unexpected, but certainly enjoyed.

Grocery shopping with Emily- loved it and love her. :)

Sushi with the money room- what a good group of people! It's funny to think that some of my favorite/closest friends came from where I worked. You can never go wrong when you're with a group made of people you enjoy individually.

I wish I could say I remembered more about sleeping over at Emily's with Margo, but after the movie, I was falling asleep while they were talking to me. However- the morning was fun!

Classic Laurie Caitlan time. It's remarkable that after 2 and a half years, I still never laugh as hard as I do at what she and I manage to come up with. (Zebra Death Song? Ok)

Oh Erin. I'm so glad that was my last Utah adventure, because it was definitely the funniest. She and I always bring out the best in each other- and by best I mean bold, lack of inhibitions, and a guaranteed good story. It all began with sitting in sacrament meeting, and noticing a cute boy in one of the pews in front of us. The day progressed, including making small conversation with Church Boy at a later fireside, and ended with us sending him flirtatious/forward texts, and he and I arranging for a lunch date the next day. Poor kid. But it was good, I still think he's cute.:)

I only spent about $100 for the entire weekend. Yes, I think it was worth it.

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