Sunday, February 14, 2010

It's That Time Again...

Happy Valentine's!!! It seems every v-day that passes since I've graduated high school is sprinkled with new engagements, which always makes me really happy for people. I love it when people start dating, get married, etc. . I'm not usually jealous, and this year is no exception. V-day is good if you have a valentine, and well... another day if you don't. :)

I just checked my facebook and noticed another engagement of a good friend. Haha hopefully I'm not the only single person who does this, but I kind of have a running list in my head of people I wouldn't-mind-maybe-someday-eventually-if-it-works-out-we'll-see-where-life-goes getting married to. Coincidentally, that list has gotten shorter and shorter as my mission approaches. They're all getting married! I mean, I knew I would be awesome enough to leave with a clean slate, leaving behind no obligations (for which I truly am grateful). But even the back of my mind hopefuls are starting to go! Of course, they're not all gone, BYU has done a pretty good job of keeping my crush stock ever re-filling itself. But still, my poor bleeding heart suffers a twinge when all these cool guys start to find other matches. Eh, you can't win 'em all. I'm sure the Champion Man of All Male Creation is out there somewhere waiting for me. He'll probably look like this:

James Marsden> I love him more than life. (oh and just like BYU... my that is a nice wedding ring he's wearing... My life never changes!)


Maryn said...

The picture definitely made my day. Your children actually may stand a chance at being cuter than mine.

Steph said...

haha Caitlan I love this post. And that picture just made my heart melt. Good luck on the mission if I don't see you!

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