Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The last day of finals, Jessie and I flew out to Boston. Seriously, I don't think we've ever had a better idea. The semester ended rather full of stress for both of us- what with finals and the stress they bring to everything, we were both ready to kiss Provo goodbye, even if just for a week.Re-united! ... at 4am!

We flew out Wednesday afternoon and arrived in Boston extremely early Thursday morning. Maryn has a bunch of guy friends that live in a house in Brookline, a suburb of Boston. We spent most of our time there- maybe because a house is better than a dorm, maybe because Brookline is closer to everything we wanted to do in Boston, or maybe because that house is full of boys and we are three crazy girls... all three? Either way- we spent a grand total of half a day, not including sleeping, at Wellesley, Maryn's school.

Jerr in front of the Brookline House

Thursday we slept while Maryn went to class, and then spent the afternoon exploring Boston with Maryn's friend Jerr. It was really fun- we went to the North End/Little Italy and ate at some famous pizza place and had the best canoli I've ever had- it was delicious. We then went to the harbor and looked over the ocean, walked around Boston commons- it was really a lot of fun. Boston reminded me of Seattle and Vancouver, Canada- I loved it.

Friday we spent the day getting ready for a party Maryn was throwing that night. It was a really good idea- we bought a bunch of chalk, smashed it up, had a chalk war, and then went inside for a black light dance party! A few pictures of the mayhem:

the refreshments- colored cupcakes!

smashing the chalk

post chalk war

the whole group- so much chalk!

one of the few good pictures- from the dance party. you get the idea.

Saturday we went to the beach- the Atlantic ocean is super cold, but we had fun playing in the sand!
Scott and I making fun of awkward engagement pictures

Sunday we went to church and it was fun to meet a lot of the people we've been hearing stories about. Haha this group of kids is kind of ridiculous, but in an extremely entertaining way. Maryn decided that her ward would make a good TV show- and that writers couldn't come up with material as good. Such is the story of young adult life though- people liking people that other people are kissing that dated their best friends... college = super fun. :)

Sunday night we went over to Harvard to play games with some guys from the ward- it was really fun. All the schools in Boston, especially Harvard, are really cool. The building are all either older or designed in really interesting ways- pretty opposite of practical BYU that gets remodeled fairly regularly. I'm not bitter though- I like BYU and am still glad I go here.

Until we flew out Thursday morning, we spent the rest of our time going to class with Maryn, playing at the Brookline house, and going fun places to eat. Classic to Maryn, Jessie, and I going anywhere away from home, we all snagged a boy for the time we were there. For Jessie and I at least, what happened in Boston stays in Boston.:)

Overall it was a great trip. Exactly the break we all needed. And I love Maryn and Jessie to death- they are honestly the reason I'm glad we moved to Idaho Falls before I graduated.

Three Besties


becky ward said...

sounds like a great time. especially if we aren't talking about certain parts!(: i have been to boston/harvard before. it is a really great place. full of VERY cool buildings. glad you had a good time.

Elise said...

"What happens in Boston stays in Boston". Um. You'll tell me though, right? Hee hee.

Sean said...

boston shmoston...should've been in singapore!

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