Sunday, August 24, 2008

And so it begins...

School starts a week from Tuesday- I almost feel like I'm on the edge of the great swimming pool that is school, plugging my nose, backing up a few feet, and about to run and jump into water I know is going to be too cold for my liking. And so it goes. (not a bad analogy though, eh?)

I've been in Provo for the past week working at Sugar and Spice- woohoo! We had to come early for Education Week, which actually ended up being kind of fun. A lot of sweet old ladies buying ice cream and telling me to keep the extra change (of usually about 50 cents) and too many BYU brownie obsessed adults. The definite highlight of my Education Week cashiering though was the elderly man, who, when being rung up, asked me if my name was Eve.
"No, my name's Caitlan."
"Oh, well you tempted me!"

Haha! I would like to be referred to as Eve from now on, thanks. :) Everywhere I've worked, I've had old men say funny things, but I'm pretty sure that's the best one I've ever heard.

Onto other things- my last week of EFY definitely deserves some post action. It was easily my best week- good on all fronts. I worked with a lot of fun counselors, it was an incredible spiritual experience, and everything was hilarious.
Where to begin- it all started Sunday night where we find out which counselors we're working with for the week. My co was my friend Ian, which I was excited for, because we were already friends. So we're hanging out with a bunch of counselors and it ends up being Ian, a guy named Jeff, and I talking, and the conversation turns to kissing. Now- this one was actually not started by me. Jeff was telling us about this friend of his who greeted a blind date by kissing her before he introduced himself. We talked about that for a bit, and then discussed the situation of a first kiss.

For the rest of the week, any time I saw Jeff, he would make a kissy face at me, or grab me and pull me in for a kiss, only missing by a few inches. After a few days of this, I told him that if he kept this up, one of these times I was actually going to kiss him. So, more joking around, and then the second to last day of the week, we were talking, and without thinking, I grabbed his backpack straps, kissed him, and pushed him away.:) Now- it was more of a lip brush than a kiss, considering I pretty much missed and it lasted all of a millisecond. However- it made for a very funny finish to my last week of EFY. Word spread like wildfire, and for the rest of the week, I had counselors blowing me kisses, making comments about backpacks, and even a few guy counselors asking where their kiss was. Haha Jeff said that girls he didn't even know came up to him and grabbed his backpack. No one else kissed him, though.:)

Jeff and I- thank goodness for backpack straps. ;)

Aside from the random almost kiss, my group was AWESOME. Ian, my co, and I got along great and had a ton of fun with our kids. Our group was called Terrified and Affrighted, shortened to Terrifrighted by Ian, and we decided to have a mascot. So- we were the Terrifrighted Pterodactyls. It was so much fun! Everywhere we went, our kids would make claws and roaring sounds, and we even had a three fingered hand shake.:) Not only were they super enthusiastic about acting like dinosaurs with me, our lessons were also really good. These kids knew their stuff, and they asked questions, and it was so neat to have legitimate Gospel discussions with them. I loved every minute of this week, and these kids were amazing.

Ian and I with our claws- our kids decided by Tuesday that we should be married, which ended up being pretty funny.

Ah the claw- these three were really funny.

I also had some of the funniest roommates. Jessica, Erin, and I spent pretty much every night after lights out laughing and coming up with ridiculous (and slightly, but not really, inappropriate) spins on typical counselor activities.

Jessica, Erin, and me harrassing Jeff- quite possibly one of our favorite activities.:)

Jessica, Erin, and I

Also- Sister Elaine S. Dalton came to speak to our session! I don't have any pictures of her, but it was amazing to hear her speak, and what a neat experience for the kids! Overall, it was an awesome week. Everything about it was so good- it was a great way to end my EFY summer.:)


Ann-Michelle said...

sister- you look so cute in all of your pictures- i like the black and white dress- and i laughed, for real, about your kissing adventure! good luck in school and seducing old men. i think there are ways you can get paid for that . . .

Midori Ko said...

Woohoo! Yeah! Ah, Caitlan, you rock my illusory world...good ol' backpack straps...

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