Monday, July 28, 2008

Brief Update

My 7th week of EFY began today- woot woot! Although- this week has started off quite well and I'm excited. It's weeks like these that make it a really fun job, but I still think it might be a once in a lifetime experience. As in I might not do it again, or for as many weeks I guess.:)

Last week, Maryn, Jake, and I made our trip up to Seattle. It was pretty fun. It was good to see everyone and I loved being back for a bit. We went to some of our favorite restaurants, saw the Dark Knight, and spent a day in Seattle. The Dark Knight wasn't as scary for me as everyone said it would be. However, I credit this to sitting in between Danner and Maryn and my own inability to take a movie seriously. Seattle was also fun- it was just good to be back. I don't really know what else to say about it, except I love Washington and someday, someday I will go back. I'll post more pictures from the trip later- we were about four hours into our road trip when I realized I left my camera in Provo. So we bought a disposable camera and our whole trip is summed up in 27 cheap exposures. Bitter- a little bit.

Some state line pictures:

A slight bitter comment to make about our trip- all of my friends are dating someone pretty much! And it wasn't that I'm bitter about being single (that phase has come and gone, hopefully) so much as when people are paired off, that's the person they talk to. So I spent a lot of time either just thinking to myself as we went places, or trying to be part of some couple's conversation.

On another note, I'm so excited/ready for school to start. I can't wait to be in our apartment, and actually stay somewhere for more than a week at a time. (EFY gets rid of any sense of stability as to where I sleep at night) I'm also way excited to get going on the business classes. I have a good feeling about it, so we'll see where that takes me. I also miss my school friends- it will be good to see everyone.

That's about it for this brief update- I hope things are good with everyone else's summer.


Ann-Michelle said...

that is too bad about your camera- i didn't even know they made disposables anymore . . . woot for business- i hope you love it! then we can have a little something in common- maybe,but don't get your hopes up.

Midori Ko said...

I just want you to know that I am mildly offended that you probably drove right through my town (you can see my house from the freeway!) and didn't even holla at your girl. *nose in air* Hmph!

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