Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I Like to Move it Move it

So after Tom played his Super Mario song, Gordon also wanted some of the limelight. This video is pretty cute.:)

I think my favorite is his facial expression after he finishes singing. It's like, "Yeah... yeah I do like to move it move it."


** Courtney ** said...

so i went home to see the fam and i saw my siblings year book!! man they suffered this year with out us!! ha ha it reminded me of all the good times we had so i looked through the one we made and was so happy were so amazing ha ha. oh and to add a cherry on top the year book's title was "welcome to the V-list" ha ha wow

Ann-Michelle said...

funny/nice videos- good job on recording these funny guys! cuz you know, my approval is what you want. don't trust yourself if you think you don't, you do, trust ME

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