Tuesday, July 8, 2008

And so... I post

My blogging is definitely something that comes in spurts. It's usually because of one reason or another- as of right now, I blog when I'm not at EFY. So here's to hearing nothing for three weeks, a post every day for a week, nothing for two weeks... you get the drift. I should forewarn you readers- this will be a useless post of my thoughts on nothing really in particular.

I set up a gmail account today. After talking to Stephanie, my future roommate, I realized I was the only one out of 212 (Laurie, Sarah, Stephanie, and I- who will probably forever remain the ladies of 212) that didn't have gmail. So now I do. The only problem is that I already quasi-created a google account so I could have access to blogger, using my hotmail address. My question to you other bloggers is- is there a way I can link my blog to my gmail address instead, or as well? It's not a huge deal, but if it's possible, why not.

I find it slightly humorous, but appropriate, that the post of Thomas playing Super Mario attracted about a zillion times more attention than my business post. I sarcastically wanted to be like, "Hey! This is my blog! When you read it you should think and care about me!" But I certainly do not hold a candle to a 7 year old who memorized the tune of a video game, figured out each note by ear, and then played the song from memory. Yeah who am I kidding- no one cares that I changed my major if someone who isn't even in 2nd grade can play by ear.

In about two weeks, Jake, Maryn, and I, and possibly Jessie, are going to take a road trip up to Seattle for a few days. I'm way excited to go home, or the closest thing I have to it I guess. Idaho Falls is and always has been just a sort of stopping place for me. I mean- home is really wherever your family is, but as far as coming to IF for the sake of IF- mm probably won't ever happen. Seattle, on the other hand, I have a love for. And the people there are alright too I suppose.;) I think my favorite part about us going to Seattle is that it all came together in the space of few hours. It was like we decided not to go to Arizona, well how about Seattle instead, we could stay here, we'll leave this day, and we'll do this- a before you know it, we have a little itinerary set up. :)

Something that I consider a minor frustration, minor, but still a frustration- I really like to grow out my nails, and have them all be the same length. Without fail- every time- they all reach the same length and look really nice. For about two days, I enjoy looking down at my pretty hands. Then, inevitably, one breaks. And it's not like a little chip or something. No- somehow it rips beneath the white part, making it slightly painful and extremely unsightly to clip down. But I have to do it to avoid a nail that snags on everything. And then the whole thing starts again. They're all short and my already short fingers look stubby. Two weeks, my nails are back, two days, one breaks. Such is life.


Ann-Michelle said...

man- i know how you feel about nice finger nails. it makes me want to go the acrylic route- but then natural always costs so much less! have way too much fun in WA- i am writhing in jealousy. even stupid todd gets to go up in august. jerks.

Laurie said...

Lol, well a)I'm sorry about your nails, b)sorry I haven't looked at your blog for awhile, I just click on all my family blog links, and yours slips my mind :-\ sorry friend c)I'm really excited for you guys to come to Seattle! That would be awesome if Jessie could come to! d)I cared a lot more about your business major post, but responded to Tom's video as well so they kind of canceled out lol. OK, I'm done spamming your inbox with comment notifications. You rock dude! Oh, lol, "forever the ladies of 212" brilliant ;)

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