Saturday, September 6, 2008

A Good Start

So, one of the classes I'm taking this semester is Introduction to Accounting- we're only one week in, but I love it so much. It's crazy- like yesterday, I was doing my homework, and seriously loving every minute of it. I don't know- like it was all so interesting to me and so fun to learn. I just love it.:) And not going to lie- I was a little sad when I realized it was time to go to work, and I'd have to leave my homework to do later. I was telling someone how interesting I thought Accounting was, and they were like, "You're sick." I really can't grasp how you wouldn't like stuff like that though. Yesterday's homework was just the basics of starting a business and financial accounting- and I thought it was great.:)

My other classes seem really good too- especially World Religions. My teacher is hilarious- he's Korean, and spent a good half of our first lecture apologizing for not being "good-looking American guy." The class is amazing though- I love looking at other religions and seeing a totally different, yet still true, way of life. So enlightening.:)

Italian is still fun- though our class is no where near as energetic, and I'm only learning normal things, instead of ways to make fun of someone or inappropriate comments supplementing my studying. Statistics is interesting, not quite as enthralling as Accounting, but still fun. And that pretty much sums it up.

We threw our first 212 party last night- I definitely think it was a success. Lots of people, food, dancing, and just good times.;) It was pretty chill, but we met a lot of cool people, and it was really fun. A good way to start the year.:)

Other events of note from the week- Monday I went on a lunch date with my friend Matt. It was fun- I'd never been to Zupa's (the place we went for lunch) and he's really funny. Tuesday school started- what a rush. Wednesday I went on a double date with Ian, which was a lot of fun. It was the best kind of date- where you're already good friends and can enjoy each other's company without anything to prove or worry about. Thursday- Tia and I got into the rock climbing class- I'm so excited! We're going to a different place every week, and have a campout planned, and I'm stoked to finally use my stuff.:) Friday was our party- awesome. And today- Stephanie, Marie, and I went shooting with our friend James. I always forget how much I love shooting until I go again. I'm not too bad of a shot.:)

Well, sorry for all words and no pictures, but I hope everyone is doing well!


Elise said...

I'm glad you're having a fun time! I kind of can't believe you like accounting-- I did not do well in that class! (Twice). Anyway, it will be fun to see you when the baby is born-- we're not blessing him until December, so you should try to come up before then if you can. I'll call you for sure!

Ann-Michelle said...

yay for a good semester- it is nice to enjoy school! see you!

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