Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Random but Hopefully Amusing

I was talking with my friend Kim the other day, ok so yesterday, and I was telling her a story about something, and she asked if I had a blog. When I responded in the affirmative, she said, "Good, because you have way too many funny things happening to not write about them." I then realized that I don't really blog about the things I talk about.

This week's funny things would include an extremely awkward lecture in my Family Life 100 class titled "Intimacy in Marriage." I won't even pretend that my friends and I don't make innuendos. We do it all the time and it's pretty funny, and don't worry parents- they're not horrible, especially since our jokes are ignorant. Being immature with your friends is one thing, having your balding professor trying to be funny is another. The lecture didn't include anything I hadn't heard before. I guess it was just the context of the situation- sitting in a lecture and taking notes while watching a slideshow, when the content of the lecture included things I heard immature boys sitting behind me in high school English say.

Another amusing thing- I'm taking Aerobic Dance this semester. My instructor is a 23 year old guy named Phillipe Hartog, from New Zealand. He competes internationally in aerobics (I never knew you could- something new to aspire to perhaps?). The class is at 7 in the morning, and if the entirely female class isn't energetic enough, we do push-ups. Tia and I usually try to avoid this by answering overly enthusiastically with words like, "Super!" or "Awesome!", "Fantastic!" and occasionally a "Wooohoo!!" here and there. The class makes me laugh every time I go- not only do I get to practice my lifelong dream of being a cheerleader, but I'm also not super coordinated and I'm pretty sure my teacher thinks I'm an idiot, which I find funny. Today we did relays. One of the turns included stopping at the half-way mark and jumping, spread-eagle, while saying, "I'm a star! I'm a star!" Haha I believe the best part of this was that Philippe wanted us to encourage one another. So while one of our teammates was jumping and saying, "I'm a star! I'm a star!", our team would be yelling, "You're a star!! You're a star? Who's a star?! YOU'RE A STAR!!" Ah so good.

Italian is also a non-stop adventure. I have to say I'm pretty pleased with my progress. I called Danner (the renowned Beem champion apparently) yesterday to re-arrange a time to study, and was able to, for the most part, keep the entire conversation in Italian. It's possible we talked for less than five minutes, but I was still pleased with myself. The class itself is also extremely fun- my teacher, Signore Crane, I believe plans the lessons as they happen. We spend the majority of the time playing vocabulary games with fly swatters (you figure out the word on the board first, you hit it with a neon fly-swatter before everyone else) or throwing erasers into a garbage can after correctly identifying a term. The best part about the eraser game is that if you get the word right, you have the option of shooting from a one, two, three, or twenty point location- each place further away as the points increase. One point is two feet from the garbage can, two is another few feet, three is on the opposite wall, and twenty- o venti- is in the opposite corner. Our team- last time affectionately named "Squadra Panino" (Team Sandwich)- always goes for venti punti. No one has made it yet, but it makes for an entertaining class with a bunch of students yelling "VENTI PUNTI!!" and "Per favore Signore! Dieci punti?" (Please teacher- ten points?) when we don't make it, and other phrases in broken Italian.

So awesome.:)


Elise said...

So fun! I like the story about aerobic dance the best-- hilarious. You're a star!

Kim said...

A-HA! I have succeeded in convincing you to catalogue some of your exploits. That's good, Caitlan. Way to be.

Branden said...

What can I say I am a horrible speller. . . ask anyone that knows me. They will tell you this!!!

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