Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Tags are My Favorite!!

Where were you born? Redding, California
Middle name: Marie
How old will you be this year? I'm already 19 :) and now 20 sounds so alluring
Nicknames: Caits, Mormon, Bailey, Bairdo- we'll stop there. Those are just the ones I like/think are funny.
Are you taller than your mother or father? my mom yes, my dad- thankfully not.
Do you cry often during movies? Never in my life. Sometimes I wish I had more of a heart.
Favorite color: Red at the moment
Favorite foods: as of the moment, totally animal cookies
Favorite beverage: vanilla shake or skim milk- one end of the spectrum or the other i guess
Favorite cold cereal: Honey Bunches of Oats :)
Favorite Smells: Giorgio cologne. I dated a guy once who wore it- oh so good
Favorite time of day: early afternoon- I'm awake and still have a lot of day ahead of me
What brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use? Tigi, but my favorite will always be Joico
Make-up products? all Mary Kay
How many pillows do you sleep with? 7 :D well one or two usually fall off, so 5 I guess
Do you play an instrument? Someday I'll be a pianist
Have you ever been skinny dipping? it's on my to-do list :)
Did you do any sports in High School? yeah, little bit of cross country and crew
What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Enchanted- so good!
What is your favorite article of clothing? hm- it's a toss-up between my sweet white pullover and my sweatpants- I'm so girly
What is your dream vacation? I'm going to have to say Italy
What was your first impression of your spouse? dang he's attractive (that's what I'll say in retrospect)
If you were an animal what would you be? a butterfly. They don't make messes, they're pretty, and they aren't annoying.
What is your favorite "me- time" activity? Looking at and organizing pictures
What is your dream car? LandRover
What is one of your weaknesses? Over-analyzing
What do you fix for dinner when there's nothing to fix? cereal
If you could live in a different decade/era which one would it be? probably the 60s. I would have loved to be around when the Beatles first came out.
What is the emotion you feel the most? anticipation
Do you consider yourself outgoing? Yes indeed
What is something you are constantly working on? being easier to get along with
Any hidden talents? Um... lately people have been telling me I sing well?
What is a word or phrase you overuse? For real though or Legit.
What was the hardest thing that happened to you this past year? hm... I would say the entire thing has been exhausting in general. College plays a big part.
What is the best thing that happened to you this past year? College :) And my family all being together again
What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year? to just be better- spiritually, academically, physically, and in the way i treat people
The best piece of advice you learned this past year? Let it go and keep trying
Who are the 6 people you are going to tag to do this survey? Natalie and Kim Matheson and four others who read this and feel so inclined

Me, Sarah, and Laurie in the conference center after President Hinckley's funeral


Elise said...

For real though

I like reading these-- you always learn something new!

.allison. said...

your servey was fun to read also! i didn't know you liked honey bunches of oats, never would've guessed!

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