Sunday, February 10, 2008

Some Fun

My friend Jacob and I at a concert- it was way good!

Cougar Basketball :)

Once again victorious- against TCU. Hey Elise- note the fight song.:)

Shauna and I at the basketball game.

Jared and I on our date- it was a lot of fun. We made dinner in teams (it was a group date) and then went to a trampoline place called Jump On It, where I had a lot of fun falling over.:) It really was fun though. And haha I wish I could smile more normally.

I decided to take a picture of the temple while we were waiting in line for President Hinckley's funeral- so pretty.

Sarah, Laurie, and I noticed we were all wearing flats- so we took a picture.:)

Oh we were SO cold!! But it was worth it. This is Sarah, Laurie, and I waiting in line.


.allison. said...

waiting in line for what? anywho, what was that thing you texted me about that you wanted me to do?

Elise said...

Fun times, fun times. It looks like your one friend got his hair cut-- I like it better short.

I think you should get Superman valentines. Last year, Tom got those and one of them said, "Your Secrets are Safe"! I don't know why, but I thought that was hilarious.

Caitlan said...

Elise- hm, his name is Jared and I liked his long hair, but both looked fine in my opinion.

And Superman valentines- I'm on it. Haha I think that's funny too, and I hope I find them.:)

Allison- we were waiting in line for the concert. And I don't remember what I texted you.:)

Elise said...

What?! No, the long hair was scruffy... some guys look awesome with long hair, but he just looked unkempt. That's a vocabulary word you can use.

You need to ask Danner what he has against the letter 'A'. Also, some freak posted a link to a nasty site on your latest post. Delete it, don't look.

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