Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well it's all somebody's fault (Get Over It by Ok Go)

So I was tagged by Elise to write a list of things that bother me. Haha I'm actually kind of excited about this.

1. Leggings. Oh my word- tight spandex do NOT count as pants. The worst part about this is that some girls at BYU think if they were a mini-skirt, but their leggings are long, it's still modest. Morons. And they look ridiculous. Just wear a skirt for goodness sake. And if they really want to show their legs that bad- why even wear the spandex?

2. Excuses. Give me a break- excuses that aren't legitimate where the person is only talking to make themselves feel better- just be quiet and accept that you did something dumb. (I will admit to being guilty of this, but I'm trying to be better)

3. Spelling and Grammar Mistakes. Please- if you passed third grade, you should know how to construct an intelligent sentence.

4. Uneven sheets. Haha maybe a little obsessive, but it really bothers me to climb into bed without my sheets and blankets lined up. I just like everything to be even haha.

5. People who don't say hi, and even worse, people who don't say hi back. I like to say hi to people when we cross paths. Even if I've only met them once, if you recognize someone's face you should acknowledge them. I don't really understand the people that can hold conversations with me in class but when it comes to the hallway, a simple, "Hi!" is too much to ask.

6. Open cabinets. Once again maybe a little crazy, but I hate to see open drawers or cabinets. Even if the room is a total mess, I at least like things to be closed.

7. Snobby cougars. Some people attending BYU think that they are the cheese because they got into Provo. And if you're reading this and think I'm a BYU brat, you have no idea. It's good, good job you got in, but guess what- so did everyone else here.

8. Couples on campus. MY WORD. Haha I actually have a running list for this- DTRs on campus- bad idea. Newlyweds on campus- also a bad idea. Public displays of affection on campus- please, no one wants to see that, just go home.

9. Pants. Never in my life will I find the perfect pair of jeans. Eventually, every pair will start to sag, tear, or shrink. Sad story.

I am tagging anyone who reads this, has a blog, and wasn't tagged by Elise. ;)


Elise said...

Leggings! I hate them, unless I'm having an 80's disco party, which I may just do. Ew, and campus couples-- yuck! This was funny!

Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

Lol Caitlan - we have more in common than I realized

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