Monday, January 7, 2008

Io mi chiamo Caitlan! (My name is Caitlan)

Come sta? Sto benissimo! (How are you? I'm fantastic!) That's about it for today's lesson.:) My Italian class, I can already tell, is going to be a lot of fun. My teacher informed us that he will be speaking Italian 100% of the time, and so it should be pretty amusing between all the body language and first year students. I love it already though.
Before Italian I had Aerobic Dance. Haha this class is going to rock. I just already know. My instructor is a young guy from New Zealand. Pretty sure most of the girls are considering marrying him already, but I think the class is going to be a riot, and I wouldn't be surprised to find myself laughing through most of the workouts. Especially since Tia and I have that class together- it's going to be an adventure.;)
I also had two MFHD classes today. Nothing says BYU like a marriage class singing "Families Can Be Together Forever" to start the lecture. They seem like interesting classes, and amid the pressure and expectation of getting married, I think I'll like my new major.
The first day of school is always fun- running into old friends and meeting new people- woot.
It also turns out a guy I went on a date with a while ago is in one of my marriage classes. I won't lie- I had to cover my face and laugh when I saw him walk in. I laughed for two reasons: First, it's a marriage class. If I recall, on our date he was interested in something business-like for his major. The bigger reason for my stifled laughter, however, was this- it was a blind date that we went on, and it ended up being a lot of fun, but afterward went nowhere. It wasn't anyone's fault really- things just didn't click when we talked again. Poor kid- he will probably feel incredibly awkward and it won't be helped by how funny I think it is. A failed date meeting again in a marriage class. Haha.


Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

uhoh- you sound like the premise of a jack weyland book- good luck not marrying this guy!! a-m

Elise said...

Ha ha! I agree with Ann-M: many a "How we met" story begins with, "Well, I was sitting in my Marriage class at BYU..."

Caitlan said...

Haha you guys are just too funny. I bet you think you're clever too.

Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

well, yes actually

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