Sunday, January 6, 2008

I'm a Sophomore!

I would like to point out that I am now a sophomore in college, which, in my opinion, sounds a lot better than freshman. Haha I will also be 19 in about a week, which, again- sounds a lot better than 18. Hooray for sounding better.;)

This past week has been totally insane. I apologize for not having pictures to post, but hopefully it's an interesting read!

Monday was New Year's Eve and it ended up being pretty fun. It was pretty chill- my friends Jessie, David, Mark, Katie, Kelly, and I had like a mini-party deal where we played games and had snacks. Nothing too big, but it was fun.

The next day I caught a shuttle to Provo, which really wasn't too bad. My friend Stephanie was on the same one, so that was nice. Being in Provo for a day and a half wasn't too eventful. I bought my books- it always amazes me how much money books are, but some of them I'm actually looking forward to studying. I think I've chosen a pretty spiritual major, as the required texts for one of my classes are based on the Proclamation on the Family. So that should be fun. Haha the book for my Aerobic Dance class is called "Hooked on Aerobics" with a picture of three middle-aged women in spandex. With a title and cover like that, I already know this class is going to be awesome.:)

Thursday morning I flew to Seattle. The flight was pretty empty, so I ended up having my own row. Haha I don't know how classy this is- but I put up the arm rests and lay across the row and went to sleep. I had a fun day there- Natalie picked me up and we grabbed some breakfast, then picked up Nina, had lunch, went to the mall, and after dinner played some laser tag. Haha for once I wasn't the lowest standing. I was ranked a Cosmic Sergeant, and though I had 5% accuracy, I had hit the same amount of people as had hit me. After that I said bye to my old Lake Stevens friends and hung out with Laurie for the rest of the night. That was pretty fun- she and I didn't get to bed until like three just talking about ridiculous things. Haha it reminded me of Summer term when our goal for bedtime was 2am and we still had a hard time getting to sleep.

The next morning Danner, Laurie, and I started our road trip back to Provo. It promised to be an interesting ride with all the weather warnings, and we were right- the pass was pretty crazy but we made it fine. The part that affected us the most was a few miles outside of Pendleton, Oregon, where they closed a section of the freeway because of high winds. We waited in the car for about two hours just sitting there, but because of the company I was with, it was still fun. After that the drive went fairly smoothly. We reached Provo around midnight, which isn't too shabby.

Yesterday Laurie and I both woke up around noon- I guess the drive took more out of us than we realized! It actually ended up being pretty fun day though- Tia and I were going to go to Target, so I was just in sweats (I looked like a homeless person) and then my friend Trent called, and then my friend Kaylie called, so they ended up coming with us. While we were driving back, my friend Jared called, and so we all went to his apartment and played DDR for a while with him and his roommates. I think that's one of my favorite things about the single adult life- what I thought was going to be a quick trip to Target with one person pretty much turns into a party. The only bad thing about was that because I thought it was just going to be a quick trip to do some shopping, I didn't put much thought into not looking like I'd just rolled out of bed. Oh well. It was a lot of fun.

School starts tomorrow and I'm pretty excited. I can't get over how awesome my schedule is! I hope everyone has a good week!

PS- CONGRATULATIONS to Jimmy! Jimmy got his mission call this week- Fresno California, which I personally think is sweet. Good luck!

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