Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Favorite Things

Haha I felt kind of bad about such a negative post, so I will now write a couple things that I love.

1. People who remember my name even though I've talked to them once. It just makes me feel good when someone thinks of me when I didn't expect them too.

2. Sarcastic people. I love talking to someone who can be teased and teases back. I think I wrote this early, but I really do enjoy cynical and funny people. It usually seems that people aren't sarcastic at all and I end up offending them, or all I can do is laugh at their insults to me because I can't think of anything to say back. Haha I prefer the latter, though it is fun to stump someone.

3. Skim milk. It's an amazing thing. It's easier to drink than 1% or 2% and it always makes my stomach feel better.

4. Gentlemen. I love boys who open doors and are just courteous in general. It's just nice to be treated with respect. I've dated too many boys who consider it such a chore to open the car door. We are no longer dating. ;D

5. My coat and backpack. Both of these things I bought out of desperation, but wanted them to be nice anyway. I love my backpack- it's just beautiful and it has held up so well. My coat is amazing. It is so cold here and I'm always warm when I wear it. It also attracts many compliments- not a bad thing.:)

6. College Basketball. I can't even explain it. I don't even play basketball that well, but for some reason, I love to watch college basketball. There's a game this Saturday.:)

7. Hair Serum. It's this magical little hair product that just makes everything silky smooth and easier to manage. It's awesome and it smells good.

8. Red is my new favorite color. It's just so- vibrant.:) And classy.

9. My wireless mouse. I always feel so cool when I plug in the USB and start using my little mouse. (Thanks Dad!)


Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

red is MY favorite color- you really do idolize me! hooray.

Caitlan said...

you would. :P

Elise said...

Red, eh? I might have to buy you something with a certain red University of Utah logo on it for your birthday. Maybe one of those shirts that says, "Friends don't let friends go to BYU". Heh heh heh.

Your coat really is cool.

Todd & Ann-Michelle said...

#3 - Skim milk is white water (sick)

#5 - May I just say I also have the ultimate awesome backpack


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