Saturday, December 1, 2007

Snow Day!!

This morning, we woke up to a good 6 inches of snow! I was very excited to play, and also to test the quality of my new coat. I am very pleased to say that my coat held out very well, and I've decided it was well worth buying. I love the snow. Not only do you get to put on all sorts of cute stuff, like coats, gloves, and scarves, but it's fun to build things and throw snowballs at people too! Especially the snow ball part....:) Although, I learned the cold way- if you throw snow at people, they will throw it back. After a couple snow balls in the face (I have bad aim, ok?) my friend Mike had had it, and well, he definitely got me back. By the time I went home, after being massacred by a few select people, my hair was completely soaked with melted snow, my makeup running down my face- I wish I could say I didn't deserve it. Oh well- it was worth it, I made some good shots.:P It was so much fun to have a bunch of us out there, running around and throwing snowballs- and what a perfect date for the first real snow- December 1st.
This is right outside my apartment, I thought this tree looked so pretty. Another one of the reasons I love snow is that it makes everything so beautiful.

Haha these are Tia, Kaylie, and my snow angels.

This is where we battled. Many a white wash and unexpected snowballs happened here.

Our deserted battlefield from another angle.


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Elise said...

Snow! I remember when I was at BYU and a bunch of these guys from CA and AZ got all excited becaue they had never seen so much snow. And you have to throw it!

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