Sunday, December 2, 2007

Last Saturday's Date (sorry it's late!)

Last Saturday I was in Idaho Falls and had the joy, nigh, the pleasure, nigh, the privilege of going on a date with my friend Jimmy. He and I have a pretty humorous history of awkward dates, but they're always very fun, so we both knew what to expect. We started out by going to play phaser tag- paintless paintball (so basically just hitting each other with little plastic balls- ouch) which, though painful, was very fun. After that we went bowling- I got a record score of 50 and I think Jimmy was somewhere in the 200s, who knows- it was good though. When we finished our bowling game, we headed to his friend's house and ended up learning gangster dances. Haha Jimmy is a pretty good dancer and I'm sure I looked like a joke, but it was very fun. We did the "Soulja Boy" dance for the most part (it was my favorite)- I guess that song is called Crank That or something classy like that, but it was a ton of fun! Jimmy and I always have a lot of fun together, and though some times have been worse than others, there is always something awkward for us to laugh about on our dates. (This time it was that we were with a bunch of people we didn't really know, and we were the only ones on a date- not that bad, but still a little odd haha) While we were on our date, we went to the Photobooth! Yay!!! Here are our pictures:

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Elise said...

My favorite part of your date was when you and Jimmy danced for us in the kitchen-- and was someone trying to rap? Um...

I like these pictures!

Mele Kalikimaka

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