Saturday, October 20, 2007

A Few Random Things

This is really cool- we were driving back to Provo from Idaho Falls and the sun was reflecting on a tiny piece of cloud, creating a mini-rainbow on the cloud. I don't know if you can tell from this awesome cellphone picture, but it looked so neat!

I personally am a fan of random bumper stickers, especially when it's pretty clear the owners of said stickers are serious about them. But these guys are right, you know- hatred really is not a family value. Hopefully everyone who passes these guys on the road learns something.
So Laurie, my roommate from summer, get lunch together every Friday. We usually go to the Scoreboard Grill- a very greasy but very tasty hamburger place. Yesterday we played with our food, and a tater tot pyramid ensued.

My roommates, Haylie and Kaylie, and I were walking outside, and we saw what looked like a falling leaf. When it started to fly upward, however, we realized it wasn't a leaf but this bug! (I don't know what kind it is,but it has legs... so... it's a bug.) It landed pretty close to it, so Kaylie picked it up so I could take a picture.

I bet at first glance, that just looks like a green leaf!

This weekend promises to be a fun one- last night I went on a date to see Divine Comedy, a comedy group put on by BYU students- I saw it during the summer with my friend Tyler. Anyway, last night I went with my friend Brad, who- Elise will know this- was totally trying the pinky test the whole time! Haha, it was fun though. Right before I left for this date, my friend Jared asked me on a date for tonight- to go see Divine Comedy. Haha good thing it's a cool show, and hey- neither of these boys need to know that I'm seeing it twice.

There is a funny story behind Jared and I knowing each other- he works at the creamery, which is sort of like a mini-grocery store by our apartments where you can use your meal plan to buy things like milk and bread. Or hot pockets. Anyway- he works there, and my roommate Lauren had known him before and introduced us. After that, I came into the creamery by myself a couple times, and we had a conversation that went something like this:

Me: Hey.... Jared, right?

Jared: Yeah- what's your name again?

Me: Caitlan

Jared: Ok, I'll remember that next time.

Me: Cool- yeah, I should be like a regular, like I come in, and you're like, "Hey Caitlan! What's up?" And I'll be like "Hey Jared, how's it going? How's the baby?"

Jared: Better yet- you can be like, "Hey Jared, how's our baby?"

Me: Hahaa- good plan! We should totally pretend we're married!

So- now whenever I go into the creamery, Jared greets his wife, I tell him about little Jimmy, and we think it's fun. And last night, haha he actually asked me on a date! So it should be fun.

There is also a football game today, and ah how do I love those. It's against Eastern Washington, so I believe we'll win. Well, that's all for this weekend.

Oh- one more thing! My friend Zach got his call to Russia! Not the same area Jacob is serving in, but still cool! Zach and I have become very good friends as we are taking this psycho psychology class together. No- 'psycho psychology' is not just a clever name, this class actually is crazy. Were I to start elaborating, there'd be another page of complaints, so just know that it's a very unorganized, crazy class.

Zach and I- bored/confused out of our minds.

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I think Zach is cute.

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