Sunday, October 21, 2007

Super Saturday... and apparently I'm a player?

So after this weekend, my roommates no longer joke about me being a player. No, now it is confirmed among them, apparently. Well- what can you do? My best friend Maryn and I decided long ago that it is only polite to say yes if a boy offers to take you out. And if they give you things, wouldn't it be rude to say no? But as to this player claim- I must deny it. I am not- I am simply polite. I go on dates. That is all. On to more important things- Saturday was a crazy day!

It started with the football game- my friend Jimmy, from home, came over and that was fun to see him again. Then we all went to the game and we totally won! I had a lot of fun sitting with Tia and Jessie and pretending to know the words to the Cougar fight song. (All I got was rah, rah, rah rah rah, rah rah... gooooo cougars!)

Me, Jessie, and Tia at the game. I have the most spirit, yes I do.

This is one of those cheer things that, though I don't know what it means, I do it because everyone else does.

The Marching Band! Definitely my latest fascination- they're amazing!

I left the game early so I could go get ready for my date with my friend Jared. As I was walking home- it started snowing like crazy!! It was really cold, but snow is so fun! I got home just in time to take off all my freezing, wet clothes, put on new ones, and go on my date (with flat beanie hair- woot) And ah- on to Divine Comedy, again! But this time was pretty enjoyable- Jared and I had a lot of fun together, and the rest of the group was pretty fun too. And hey, second time around, you know- DC's not so bad.

Jared and I, freezing in the snow before our date

I got home from my date around 10- haha enough time for Brian to come over, us to change into our snow clothes (3rd time with a fresh set of clothing for me that day) and go play in the fresh snow! It was so much fun! It was snowing very heavily and so for a while, Brian and I just walked around and watched it fall- so pretty! Then we went to go visit Laurie and had fun talking to her for a while. After she decided it was time to go to bed (haha around 1:30), Brian and I went to DT field- a huge grass area covered in untouched snow- we couldn't resist! So back to my apartment, more layers (shoutout to Under Armour- it has served me well) and then up to the field. Haha we passed so many students playing in crowded areas, and kind of laughed, "Suckas!" as we headed to the field only we knew about. There we made a snowman, some weak snow angels, and just ran around. Ah I love the snow!

Brian and I playing in the snow

Our snowman, with Brian's arms.... and reflective gloves

And today- Sunday- meetings upon meetings upon meetings! What about that whole 'Day of Rest' idea? Well- I must be off- to another meeting!


Todd and Ann-Michelle said...

wow- you totally are a player! it is just deciding at what game that is proving to be a challenge- hmmmm. anyway- see you soon! a-m

Elise said...

You have a fun life! Who cares if you date a bunch of guys, as long as they're paying.

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