Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bienvenue a la Patisserie, Je m'appelle Caitlan

So I got a job! At a French bakery- fun huh? Tia and I found it one day while out wasting time (there's not really a better label for what we were doing), and they had a "Now Hiring" sign, so we picked up some applications and filled them out. I was like, "Hey! I took French in high school, maybe this would work!" So today, they called me, gave me the job, and I worked all afternoon. It was very fun handing out fancy little tarts and croissants to people. My favorite was when the little kids came in and were all excited about the treats. So- I think I've found a good college job.:)


Todd and Ann-Michelle said...

Here is the plan- you bring home the yummiest treat there next time you come home and I will be kind to you for a month. Every treat earns another month- there is no limit. I like chocolate and cream. A-M

ps- Good for you and getting a job- I am sure you will have fun!

Elise said...

I also like chocolate and cream. I just might have to come to Provo to visit you at work! Congrats on the job-- it sounds like the perfect college job!

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