Friday, August 31, 2007

An Update!

This is a picture of the night before finals- we were kind of burned out! So we were doing handstands in the hallway... that's why I go to college!:)

So it has definitely been a while! But fear not- I have stories to tell anyway! About two Saturdays ago, my hardcore roommate Laurie was playing ultimate frisbee at our ward activity. (I was also playing but am not hardcore and thus did not meet the same fate as she) As she was running down the field, a hole jumped out of the ground and bit her ankle and sprained it. Well that's how she told it anyway. And I believe her. Anyway- it was actually really cool to see how helpful and nice all the guys were. Two guys- one was my friend Morgan- carried her all the way across the field and then a bunch of guys came together to give her a blessing. I was really impressed. So after they gave her a blessing, the bishop and his wife took us to the hospital where they put Laurie in a wheelchair. They had us wait in a different room for the X-ray, and while we waited, Laurie and I decided to test her wheelchair skills. She took some crazy turns around the chairs and then to see how good her braking skills were, Lauire would start at one end of the room and start wheeling as fast as she could across the room, while I would randomly throw her keys in front of her to see if she could stop without hitting them. This provided entertainment for about an hour before she got her X-ray. Afterwards, they gave her a bandage and some crutches, and we went back to the dorms. We had gone to the Provo Temple earlier that day, so Laurie credits the sprain and not a broken bone to that. It was a fun last week of school playing with her crutches though.
The night after the ankle incident, Sunday night, there was a meteor shower. So around midnight, a bunch of us went to a park and watched the stars. It was pretty cool- I saw about ten or so shooting stars. I ended up hanging out with this guy Brian most of the time, he was actually one of my home teachers, but I hadn't really talked to him before then, so that was fun. We were out till about 4 waiting for more stars before people decided to head back to the dorms.
Monday was great fun- the last day of classes, and oh so much studying!
Tuesday Matt, Annie, Laurie, and I decided to go down to Salt Lake for President Faust's funeral (for those who don't know, he was one of the higher leaders of our church) This was by far one of the neatest experiences I've ever had. We were lucky enough to actually be in the tabernacle where it was taking place, and the Mormon Tabernacle Choir was there and sounded amazing! It was somewhat sad as Elder Holland, President Monson, and President Hinckely talked about their friend, but it was also neat because each told funny stories about President Faust and also bore their testimonies on life after death. After the funeral, we had lunch and then went to the Salt Lake Temple. It was a really fun day, and then we went back to school and studied... forever... and ever. Ugh.
Wednesday and Thursday were the final days, so as exciting as long hours in the library and me slowly going insane as I stare at notes on my computer is, I won't describe it to you. My tests went ok.
Thursday night was everybody's last night, and since we were all done with our finals, what better way to end the term than staying up till five playing games? We played Ultimate Frisbee until about midnight or so, and then decided to go up to campus to play sardines. This was so much fun! We played in partners so people wouldn't get lost/kidnapped and set boundaries around campus, as it is rather large. Brian and I were partners and the first round, we lost because we ended up talking mostly instead of looking for people. But it was a good conversation and still a lot of fun!
Friday everybody left- it was so weird to have the dorms be quiet. No one was out in the hall screaming or being chased with a pillow- something I didn't realize I'd miss haha. I came home that night and slept alone in my room, which now seems so huge compared to a dorm. Haha I'm actually looking forward to going back!
Saturday night I had a way fun date with my friend Jimmy, and Matt- my friend from school, and actually my other home teacher (He and Brian were roommates), and Maryn doubled with us. We played tennis, which, although I wasn't too good, I was a lot better than I expected! Then we went to this festival thing where they had live music, so we hung out there for a while, and then came back to my house to make cookies. It was kind of funny- we started out with just the four of us, but by the end of the night had like 8! It was a lot of fun though.
Sunday I went to my family ward and it was fun to see people. Dave and I hung out after church and that was fun- except he fell asleep! Haha but it was fun talking/catching up and watching Toy Story. Dave also got his mission call this week- congratulations! He's going to the Santiago Chile mission, so that's cool.
Hm this past week at home- I wish it was as exciting as college! It's been a lot of fun and good to be with my family, but the stories are definitely not as crazy! Marylayne and I went to the singles ward activity Monday night- that was fun. We swam in Rigby lake and it was really really cold, but we enjoyed it. Tuesday I went bowling with Maryn and Jessie and some of Maryn's friends from Shelley. That was a lot of fun too- after bowling we went and got ice cream from Albertsons and then went to a park to eat it, with forks (thanks to Maryn.. haha)
Wednesday we had our last official girls night! Maryn left for Boston Friday morning, so Jessie, Erica, Maryn, and I all dressed up in our favorite black dresses and went out. We got sushi where Jack works- that was fun, he was our waiter so we got to order specialty Jack rolls haha. I have to say- I never thought I'd aquire a taste for sushi, but some of it was so good! After sushi we went to this place none of us had heard of- an ice cream place called Leatherby's, definitely one of the coolest creameries I've ever been to! Then we went back to Maryn's house and stayed up till about 3 doing who knows what.
Thursday we all said bye to Maryn- it was pretty sad! I know she's going to have a blast at Wellesly though, but I'll miss her lots!
I had a date Friday night with this guy named Brett. We doubled with my sister Kristie and her husband Todd and it was a lot of fun. Saturday after babysitting my nieces, which was pretty exciting and fun, Marylayne and I got some eclairs and went to the river and just talked. I keep forgetting how much I miss my old friends! Like it might not sound exciting to say yeah we talked and it was so fun, but it really is fun!

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