Thursday, June 7, 2007

In the beginning

Yay this is my first post! I decided to set this up because I figure, I'm leaving home, and it'd be a good way to let everybody know what I'm up to. So right now I'm just getting ready to go to school. I leave for Seattle for a few days tomorrow- it promises to be an interesting trip. My friends have changed a bit since I left, so it'll be fun, but a little crazy I'm sure! And then I'm back for a couple days before going to school. I wish I had kids or a husband or even a boyfriend to talk about, but I don't. It's all me! Last night some of my friends and I went to the mall and tried on goofy stuff. Sunglasses were fun, but then we went to Target and found these random one-piece terry suits. They were so weird, we all grabbed a random size and tried them on. Fun pictures there- but too scandalous for this website!:) Well that's all I can say for now, but life should get more interesting soon!

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