Sunday, September 2, 2007

Back to School

This is definitely an example of true Cougar spirit.

So I know I kind of dropped off last term after a couple weeks with the newsletter, but I have all sorts of goals for fall semester, and the update is one of them!

Yesterday I arrived in Provo at about 3:30- just in time to unload my stuff into my apartment and head to the football game with Jessie! It was against Arizona, and they didn't score until the 4th quarter! The final score was 20 to 7- I believe, so go BYU! We sat in the student section (fitting, since we are, after all, students) and I think that made it all the more fun as everyone cheered like crazy for the littlest thing. Jessie and I have decided that for the future games, we are going to go all out. We saw a couple people- like the guy with the blue face- that inspired us. The second picture is of the marching band- Laurie- my roommate from fall, is out there somewhere playing a trombone. The game was a lot of fun and I'm pretty excited that a lot of us have season passes!
Last night was a lot of fun seeing old friends from summer term and then even more friends from home! It turns out that my good friend Kristen West from Washington is in my ward, so it was fun hanging out with her again! I also saw my friend Andy at church- unexpected, but fun- he leaves for his mission in Ft. Worth Texas pretty soon, so that'll be cool. Another friend, Mike, will be in my ward, so that'll be fun. It's crazy how many more people are here in the fall than summer! But I'm excited.
Well that's all for now- this blog thing isn't so bad.
One sidenote though- so when I lived in Helaman, laundry was no big deal. I always took the elevator down to the basement so I wouldn't be showing off my dirty clothes to a possible boy in the hall or lobby. Well- here at Wyview, they have one central laundromat, for everyone. It was a little awkward to walk across the parking lot with my laundry basket, not going to lie.

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