Monday, November 9, 2009

I am Awkward

I don't know how long this will last, but I've decided to pattern my blog after, which if you haven't visited, you should today. Sometimes it is hilarious. But basically, I am awkward. And for some reason, this realization never sticks. It's always, on a weekly basis, a realization, "Oh... I think I'm awkward." I don't feel too bad about it- I mean really, I still like myself and my life and my friends. So it's not like an inhibiting awkward, it's just... I'm just awkward.

It's not even noon yet, but I already have a story for today. This isn't as bad as the tripping twice while talking to Dream Math Boy, but it is funny, and the day's not over.

On Mondays, I have a Stats lab at 8, and then Stats lecture at 9. So, everyone from the lab is probably in the class. Well, one of the guys in my lab tore his ACL or something, and has been using crutches and a brace for the past few weeks. I always felt a little bad because I can walk normally, and we're going to the same place. So I decided to muster up the courage and ask him if he needed any help, since we were going to the same class. He was really nice about it, but said he had things fine, and he appreciated the offer. I held a few doors open for him, but once we were outside, I could tell that by talking to me, I was slowing him down. I made a joke about it, and he was like, "Haha yeah, I've gotten pretty fast." and took off. That's right- Crutchy beat me to class, got a better seat than I did, and was also out of class before I was when lecture ended.

That's fine.


Laurie said...

This was a lot funnier than your texts lol, not that your texts weren't funny, just that you called him crutchy in this post.

Sean said...

but you're still the best cait, that's why we love you!! haha

Kayla said...

haha loved this

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