Tuesday, November 17, 2009



I really liked this. Watch it- you can spare three minutes. :)

And I know my blogs have all been more Spiritual lately- I usually try to have a balance.

Awkward/funny moments as of late- I wore my hair curly the other day. My math teacher (who is my favorite of the semester) stopped, mid-equation-explanation, to ask if I'd had a haircut. This class has at least 300 people in it, and at that moment, the entire class was wondering why my hair looked different. I responded that no, it was just curly as opposed to the normal straight. My teacher said it looked nice, and then returned to his partial derivatives. The five guys around me all commented that it looked nice. (The class is 98% male. I don't mind)

Cute boys work at the rock climbing gym. Cute boys hopefully have noticed that I've started climbing 5.10s. Cutest boy at the gym watched me struggle up a 5.8 (a relatively easy climb) tonight.

I went to a comedy show for a group date Saturday night, where they periodically throw glowsticks into the audience. A couple in front of us would makeout in between acts. My roommate Alison, who was also on the date, and I "accidentally" dropped our glowsticks in between the smooching couple mid-kiss. More than once.

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Maryn said...

Friend, one of the things that I am going to miss most about you while you are on a mission is your blog posts. They are great. I'll miss other things too. Don't worry.

Mele Kalikimaka

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