Monday, March 2, 2009


Ever since I learned about the concept of boycotting, I've kept a mental list of things I boycott. Why I felt like organizing this list and sharing it with you, few fellow blog readers, I'm not sure. Perhaps because it's been an especially grumpy day, or just one that many of the things/people/places I abstain from have crossed my path.

But- the ever-growing list of things I boycott unless I absolutely have to use them:

1- Medicine for headaches. I'm not sure why, but unless my headache is so bad I can't see straight, I won't take anything.

2- The second floor of the library. I judge it for many reasons, most of them being summed up in the fact that I don't feel like anyone goes there to actually study. And so, I boycott it.

3- Certain people. Yes- you can boycott a person. Or I can at least. I won't name names, but today the thought occurred to me, "I'm going to boycott so-and-so." I thought it was an amusing thought, and then it gave me further resolve to well, boycott this person.

4- Utah. I am always trying to boycott Utah's cold weather by wearing warm weather clothing. Maybe all my flip-flop wearing will really make a dent in this state's temperature decisions.

5- The Cougareat in general. I judge it because I don't really like the food, it's overpriced, and 9 times out of 10, when I'm there, I see someone I'd rather not. (perhaps one of the people that I'm boycotting?)

I'm really glad that there are a lot of legit causes out there for people to fight for and be passionate about, and the things that bother me most include people I don't want to say hi to.


Ann-Michelle said...

i am a boycotting fan myself- top my my list? i boycott proper grammar, the rest of the twilight series, anything with brendan fraiser in it, american idol, and whole wheat desserts. ooh and winco.

Laurie said...

1- Wtf, are you kidding me? Medicine is only there to help! Actually, I'm not going to argue this, there's so many people w/ this crazy mindset, and I have no idea why. I'll just look really smug when I don't have a headache because I took something, and you're sitting there, boycotting something that will only make you feel better.

2- *gasp!* Sarah only studies in the music section, and while I hate the library I love the periodicals section. I defy you to study in the periodicals section on a nice day. All the natural light (you open blinds fanatic) and plants, and every time I've been there, it's be en dead silent. I judge you, for judging the second floor.

3- Hahaha

4- Meh, nothing will change this crappy weather. Boycotting is futile.

5- Legit

Elise said...

Ha ha ha... Legit. I'm seriously going to buy you an MC Hammer TAPE. "Man, I'm glad I put this tape in..."

You forgot Wal-Mart, Western Family products, and nylons.

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