Saturday, July 5, 2008

It's Business Time :)

So another week of EFY has come and gone- it's funny to think that I've done 5 weeks now. But I keep learning great things, and well- good ideas go on blogs. So lately I've been thinking that if I want something- I should go for it. Why not? I figure this is the only time in my life that I'll really be able to do whatever I want. And really, we should do the bigger things we think might be too hard. Because really- what have you got to lose? And so... I changed my major.:)

I've been planning on being some sort of therapist since... well for a long time. All through middle school I planned on it, high school I became set on it, and now- my sophomore year of college, I'm switching out classes like Human Development for some Pre-Management Core classes of
Principles of Accounting, Spreadsheet Skills (I SYS 100), Computer Presentation Skills (I SYS 101), and Statistics. I'm also taking Italian, Survey of World Religions, and Rock Climbing. :) It's going to be great. I've always thought business just sounded cool. I realize I know next to nothing about it, but I'm really excited for my classes, and hey- if I end up changing my mind, it's not like more learning will hurt. I'm really looking forward to this Fall semester- I think testing the waters of a business major will be fun, apartment 212 will be a non-stop party, and well- it'll just be good to not be a freshman anymore, let's get real.

Another ambitious thought I've decided to go for is to study abroad- in Italy. Why not? It would be such a neat experience. And like I said- when else am I going to be able to do this? So we'll see what happens- but it's definitely something that's on my mind.

I was also thinking about how in a little more than a year, I can start thinking about a mission. It's pretty crazy, but like everything else, if the opportunity arises, why not?

I feel like maybe I want too many things. But then I think- there's no reason to not take advantage of everything that's available. There's no reason not to go for something I want. I'm single, I'm young, and I really don't have too much to lose. And I want to do fun things. So here goes. :)


Ann-Michelle said...

sounds like a good plan- i loved my accounting courses- i think you will like it, too! nice seeing you last weekend!

Laurie said...

Ok, I realize the tardiness of my comment, but this is the greatest post ever!! Go for everything, do whatever you want, your logic is spot on!! That's exciting about switching majors, I didn't realize you had gone that far. It's kind of liberating isn't it? I felt that way a little bit (and a little sad) when I decided to not do music any more. Study abroad in Italy, freaking rock that, study abroad is the best idea since sliced bread. Why stay somewhere like Provo when you could have this amazing experience some place else in the world? Man, Americans just need to leave more, that's what I think. I love you dude, I can't wait until you get here so we can party for a day! ;) 212, holla! hahaha

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