Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A Blog for the Sake of Blogging

I write today for no specific reason. I guess I never really have a good reason, making all my posts kind of stupid, but today is especially useless. So useless that I'm trying to decide what to write about...
Well, Saturday I came home for a week break from EFY. I'm only three days in and already feel completely rested and restored to mental and physical health, emphasis on the mental. Those kids seriously take everything out of me- I sleep less and get to ride along on their emotional rollercoasters. Probably one of the best experiences of my life though- I'd have to say the best lesson I'm learning from it is learning to try and give all I can of myself. I felt fairly depleted by my third week, but I don't know- I think it's good for me to have someone else in mind besides myself all the time. So- I'm trying, and hopefully these kids don't go home wondering why they came.:) They do have fun- I know that :), I just hope it's more than that.

In reference to the previously mentioned dance parties, one of my kids was like, "Wow Caitlan- where do you get all these awesome moves?!" It made me laugh- most of you know that though I love a good dance party, I certainly have no moves worth speaking of.
Saturday we also went on a picnic with the Hansens and Maryn came along. It was a lot of fun- Jake, Maryn, and I goofed off on the car rides there and back, and it was fun to be with part of the family at the picnic. Thomas and Gordon are so funny- Gordon loves root beer, and I hope this video makes you smile a little bit.:)

Yay car rides!

Sunday was Father's Day and it was a lot of fun to have all the siblings home. We played our traditional Scrabble game, where Elise and I were partners. She and I are always pretty goofy when we play games together, so that was fun. And we were shocked when we came in close last- we had some good words! It's always fun to see the words people come up with when we play that game though.

The past two days have been fun and have consisted of me doing whatever I feel like at the present moment. It's nice.:) Today Ann-Michelle and I drove down to Pocatello to see Kristie and have our hair done. That was fun- and now I have clean ends and freshly highlighted hair! (so much for going natural- but it's just fun)

On to tomorrow- where I work at Quizno's- the joy of my life. Woot.


becky ward said...

that video is very entertaining! and i am sure you are a fabulous efy leader!

Elise said...

Ha ha-- that is awesome! Man, what a little punk!

It was SO fun to see you!!

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