Saturday, April 5, 2008

A Week Without Blogging

Enya had a CD called A Day Without Rain. I liken that to a week without blogging. (At first I said I think it was Enya- then I remembered the last time I put something I was unsure about on my blog [non sequitur], and was reminded of the google activists who read my blog. So I looked it up myself.)

Anyhow, it's been a pretty fun week. I had two MFHD projects this week- all about family metaphors and traditions. It's interesting because I'm asked to analyze my own family on a pretty regular basis. I always wonder how accurate I am, and if all my family members were asked to do the same projects, if our results would be the same. I'm guessing not. Overall though, I've become increasingly impressed with my family, namely my parents, as we learn about different aspects of family life. We're a very closed, implicit, and authoritarian family.:) (All of which are very good)

One of Jake's friends from the MTC, Asher, was in Provo this week. He and I had written a little bit during the first year of his mission- nothing too big, but it was fun. So he called me and we hung out a few random times- all of which were pretty fun. Probably my favorite is that we found this perfect climbing tree at a random park in Provo. It was exactly like the one we had at our old house in Idaho- good memories.:) I probably won't see him again until Fall, but as for the past week, it's been fun.:)

Saturday night Sarah, Laurie, Stephanie, and I went to see the movie 27 dresses. I can't get over how amazing I think James Marsden is. He was my favorite character in X-Men (He played Cyclops) and then I saw him in Hairspray and Enchanted, and well, I just think he's fantastic.:) It was also way fun to hang out with the four of us- I'm so excited for next year!

Me (too close), Sarah, Laurie, and Stephanie- the future ladies of Apartment 212

Sarah and Stephanie

Haha I love both of their facial expressions- Sarah- so happy, Laurie- haha

Well, I hope everyone enjoyed conference and has an excellent week!


Ann-Michelle said...

i am commenting because i want you to know i have been checking your blog all week and am it is nice to read something new! i wanted to see 27 dresses with my friends but we ended up at definitely, maybe- i am sure your movie was cuter! looking forward to jimmy this weekend!

Dnnr said...

Hey what the crap happened to the other post - it was hilarious.

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