Saturday, March 29, 2008

What are they teaching us....

I really like my MFHD classes, but every once in a while one of my teachers will say something, though related to lecture, completely ridiculous. And taken out of context, they're probably even worse. So I thought I'd share a couple of my favorites-

"Then he could have given her a little pinch, and she could get going on her way."

"Education and faith go together- that's why you're here at BYU. Get an education, get a spouse. Do those two things. Now is the best time. Be prayerful- it'll work." - I don't even know what that had to do with our "Changing During the Life Course" lecture, but I was somewhat taken aback that my teacher was telling us to get married so blatantly, so I wrote it down haha.

"Sometimes you kinda forget... what's legal and what's not. And it's all about making decisions."

"I mean that's great- I really like kissing MY wife. When I get home I just wanna find her! I like kissing her- it's a great sport."

I like my major- I've actually gained quite a bit of insight from these classes thus far. Sometimes though, I just have to shake my head, remember what I'm really shooting for, and do what it takes to get there.


Elise said...

All I can say is what you already know: Only at BYU. On the last day of class, you should bring your teacher a can of cheese whiz.

Todd said...

This reminds me of a time when a seminary teacher I had (no, not Greg) got up in class one day and told us all that he woke up one morning and realized, "I don't love my wife anymore."

Im sure he was making some kind of point there, but 7-8 years later, thats the only thing I remember about him !

Midori Ko said...

I forget whether certain things are legal too....I take that as innocence, not ignorance, and do 'em anyway.

And why cheese whiz? And what is wrong with that seminary teacher???

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