Saturday, March 22, 2008

Blog Talk :)

Tonight Elise invited me to come with her and meet up wth her friends, Becky and Elena. I'd never met Elena before tonight, but I loved that she knew who I was, and that everyone was somewhat updated on my life as they all read my blog.:) I love it when I find out about unexpected people reading my blog- and I encourage them to comment.:) Anyway, it was fun to talk about each other's recent posts, or lack thereof (Haha- "If I read that same headline one more need to post something new."). So, hooray for blogging.

While we were eating, I was reminded of one of my.... qualities, quirks, attributes? Either way, I am probably one of the fastest eaters- I can't even help it. I don't think I'm sloppy or that I stuff my face, I just somehow manage to clean my plate... before anyone else. Tonight we were all eating our desserts and they were telling stories about their kids/husbands (of which I have neither, so I just listened) and Elena looked over and saw that my plate was clean. They all thought it was pretty funny and it reminded me of a few dates I've been on where the guy was like, "Whoa... you should enjoy your food." Unfortunately that's happened with more than one guy... I hope I marry another fast eater or at least someone who won't judge me. Tonight was especially funny though because our waiter actually said something. He came back and was like, "Well I can see at least one of you enjoyed your dessert... how is everybody else's?" I think it was Laurie and Danner's sister Betsy who said the same thing happened to her- fast eaters unite.;)


Elena Manwaring said...

Yes, fun evening. And I loved that you inhaled your food! But you left our the hilariousness of the bathroom handle. That was pretty funny! Glad you came, it was fun to get to know you in person.

Emily Loria said...

YAY! for fast eaters! ;) I eat FAST too.

becky ward said...

very fun evening. glad we could have a fresh face along. join us long as you can handle the kids/husband talk.

ps love the easter dress.

Todd said...

Don't be ashamed Caitlan. People who eat slow are just weak.

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