Sunday, March 16, 2008

All Things Tag :)

It made me laugh when Elise said that I loved all things tag, partly because of the wording, but also because it's one of those things I don't realize are so evident to others. But yes, I do love all things tag.:)

Onto the tag!

Here are the rules: You have to answer the questions with a Google image search. NO using your own pictures. Even on the picture of you. Let's see what happens.

Favorite Color:

Favorite Animal:

I considered leaving this one blank, simply because I don't really like animals. Butterflies are nice though.

Bad Habit:

Sending hate texts.... jk, it's texting, but this was the first picture that showed up.

Favorite Food:

Favorite Hobby:

Hehe :)

Place I live:

Favorite Song:

My Job:

Favorite Author:

Favorite Dessert:

oh so good. Fried banana cheesecake. I've only had it once, but it sure was tasty.:)

Picture of Me:

Um... haha I don't even know. But when you type in Caitlan Marie DeArton, that is the only thing that shows up.

1 comment:

Elise said...

First, on "Place I live," why did you post a picture of Salt Lake City with Mount Olympus in the background?
Secondly, Elise said you guys had a nice long conversation. We have been watching her friend's DVDs of "Arrested Development" and there's an on-going joke in the TV show where the main character's family members call him a chicken. They do their version of "chicken dances" which are all different, none of which, however, resemble a chicken. It's funny. Anyway, they made me think of you.
Say hi to Danner.

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