Wednesday, February 13, 2008


I think I know what that means, but I'm not sure. Isn't it something that's irrelevant? Who knows, it sounds cool though.

Lately, I've been sleeping SO much. Today for example, I got back from studying in the library around 6ish, and took a nap fairly soon after getting home. It is now 9:30 and I just got up. The same thing happened yesterday- I intended to do homework and go to the devotional during my three-hour break. I ended up sleeping the entire time. I'm guessing it's just my irregular sleep schedule catching up with me, but seriously- I feel like I sleep all the time! My roommate Kamryn blames it on the weather. Who knows.

Funny things for this week- I got a pretty good response from my last random post, so here goes.

Maryn, my best friend from Idaho Falls, and Jake, my brother, sort of have a thing for each other. It's fine with me, I'm pretty indifferent to it. If it works, awesome, if it doesn't, Maryn's still my friend, and Jake is still my brother, so whatev. Anyway- Valentine's day is tomorrow, and both of them have been texting and calling me all week for my opinion on their gifts for one another. The best part- their gifts are almost exactly the same thing! I showed them a skit called "Can I have your number" online (it's pretty funny- it has a black guy named Darrell in it) and they've been quoting it to each other ever since. So for Valentines, they both invested in a stuffed animal dressed as a gangster that says "Can I have your number?" or "Be my Valentine?" with candy. I guess it's just funny because they're both extremely concerned that they don't out-do or leave something lacking compared to the other's gift. Little do they know- it's exactly the same. (And fyi- neither Maryn nor Jake read this, and even if they did- they already got their presents)

I don't know how funny this will be to anyone else, but Sarah, Laurie, and I have been laughing about this for the past almost two weeks now. I made a sound that reminded Sarah of a Ring Wraith (Lord of the Rings) a while back and since then we've been tossing around ideas of things that Ring Wraiths can do. Probably the funniest is the idea of Ring Wraiths coming to church and singing in the choir. Them going to the gym also provides a funny mental picture.

Choir :) [The caption says: "Ring Wraiths sharing a hymnal"]

Greeting the Bishop on the way to church [The bishop says "Good Morning Brethren!" and the ring wraiths growl back]

Italian is also pretty amusing. The class is always a lot of fun, and even just studying with Danner is hilarious. It's good though- I learn a lot, (some things I don't think any textbook would mention) and it's fun. I don't know, for some reason both languages I've learned have been extremely amusing to me. I think it's just the concept of saying silly things in way even you don't fully understand, but only a few people get it. No lo so perche, ma mi piace italiano molto. E sono brava. (I don't know why, but I like Italian a lot. And I'm awesome)


Midori Ko said...

Oh snap! Ring Wraiths singing "There is Sunshine in my Soul Today"? Yeah, my life is made.

Emily Loria said...

Caitlan, you are so funny!

Branden said...

HAHAHAHAHHAHA. . . LOL. . . wow. . . *wipes tear away*. . . you just made my day!!! Yup yup!

Dnnr said...

Non dovere condividere le idee dei regali degli altri . . . magari uno di loro legge il tuo blog e trova quello che riceve per la festa di San Valentino! Porca miseria!

Non-sequitur - This term is Latin and means "it does not follow," as in one conclusion does not logically follow from another fact or facts. Dai Caitlan, ci vogliono trenta secondi per trovare la definizione e come si scrive. Che ignoranza.

E si, tu sei molto brava.

Elise said...

Ring Wraiths making out?

"Breathless" by Corinne Bailey Rae is your new favorite song. Seriously.

Caitlan said...

Hhahahahah Elise- I wish I could have gotten a recording of that sound. Haha

Todd said...

dang, Danner one-upped me. I was going to explain non-sequitur =)

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