Friday, February 15, 2008

Avete limonato ieri sera? Credo di si :)

(sorry I don't know anything further than that for all you married folks- my Italian vocabulary has standards too you know)

I hope everyone's Valentine's went well. For me it was pretty much another day- except everything I ate was a)junk food and b)pink. Both of which are regrettable really. Actually I take it back about Valentines being normal- I happened to run into two of my RM friends. They both talked about how badly they wanted to be married and both have been home less than a year. I found it quite amusing. :)

Here's my favorite part of a conversation I had with one of them yesterday:

Boy: I just want to get married so bad!
Me: K- you've been home for less than a year. I have the right to make fun of you.
Boy: Well see that's the thing though- I definitely don't want to settle. It's not like I want to marry just anyone. Like I want her to be perfect, you know?
Me: Sure sure. So you have like a list or something?
Boy: Well not really. Truly the most important thing is the Gospel. Like she's gotta have a strong testimony. And really, the Gospel is just so amazing, I just, yeah if she's has a testimony, that's the most important part.
Me: That's legit.
Boy: And she should be extremely beautiful.
Me: Hahahahaha testimony and extremely beautiful huh?
Boy: Yep! That's what I'm looking for.
Me: Godspeed my friend. :)
He then started talking about how he wants a family, and I teased him about whether it was the family he wanted, or making the family he wanted. It was a pretty good humored conversation, but he did change the topic when my friends showed up.

Last night was pretty fun though- my friends Stephanie, Ginny, and I all burned pictures of old boyfriends. I, for some reason, was extremely excited about this. I'm not really bitter towards any of them, but I do like to burn things, and it was fun to reminisce. (Let's get real- I dated some attractive boys. Stupid- of course. Attractive- also in the affirmative)

We also helped Laurie make a video of her teaching us for her music education application. I think she did awesome :) And it was cool because I actually learned a few things from her presentation.

To today (my what an exciting life I have) We SIGNED FOR OUR APARTMENT!!! Weekly dance parties here we come! It was pretty cool because we were the first to sign for next year, so we got to pick exactly which apartment we wanted. Apartment 212- I just think it sounds cute.:) So that was pretty exciting. It's such a good deal and it's so close to campus- ah I just love it so much!

Today I met with my MFHD professor and we had an extremely helpful chat. Some of the past lectures have been pretty intense, so I've been considering whether or not I truly have the moxy for this major. It's what I want and it's what I've been planning on for the past three years, but, well, you just never know. I have a bit of thinking to do, but I'm ok with that. The funny part of this- we were discussing something, and Dr. Holman asked if I was endowed. I laughed and told him that I was only 19. He seemed somewhat taken aback by this and commented on how I seemed more secure and mature than that. A compliment yes, but haha what the?! Last semester a lot of people asked me if I was a return missionary too. I'd like to think it's because I carry myself in a more mature manner and it's not because I already have laugh lines on my face but... I think it's the latter. Whatev- I'm all about not being a stupid freshman.

One thing about my MFHD classes- we've started getting into parenting and relationships, and it just makes me realize- Dang! I have good parents! So thanks Mom and Dad. :D


Elise said...

"I get so breathless when you call my name...
I've often wondered, do you feel the same?"


Valentine's Day is LAME-- burning old pictures seems like a good thing to do.

MREEAWWRAWW (That's the sound of a Ring Wraith gasp mid-makeout) Okay, I'm off the RW thing... I'm too old...

Caitlan said...

Hahahahahahha Elise. You're not too old.

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