Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Yay Christmas!!

This year was pretty fun- everyone in the family was here except Jake, who we talked to today on the phone. I can't believe he'll be home in almost three weeks! I'm excited.
For the past who knows how many years, my gifts have consisted of things like clothes, bath accessories, jewelry, etc. This year however, haha- all kitchen stuff! I'm excited because I received some really neat gifts (ie an ice cream mixer- sweet) but haha I just moved back to the dorms, so it will be another few months before I use these gifts! I do want to comment on how cool my kitchen things are though. My favorite is what my mom got for me- a Lenox "takeout" set, which, as pictured above, includes little porcelain takeout boxes! Kristie and Ann-Michelle also gave me some extremely nice glasses. I also got some sweet stainless steel mixing bowls, square plates!, cute serving bowls, serving utensils, and the aforementioned ice cream mixer. I'll definitely be all set when I get married- haha my mom and sisters made the joke that at least when I'm poor with my husband someday, we'll have nice dishes.:)
You know I love when our whole family gets together. Granted it is a little insane with 16 people in one house, 6 of which are the grandchildren- ages 1 week to 6 years, but it's crazy in a fun way. It almost feels like one of those Christmas movies- there's at least 6 inches of snow outside, and inside it's a party of spilled eggnog, electronic toys, and people playing games ranging from hide-n-seek to Scrabble. Sometimes I think I should submit a summary of our family to a movie director- there's definitely plenty of material for a good show.:)
Though it's been quite the adventure to be home, I am so excited for my trip to Seattle next week! I love Washington and I love the people I'll get to see! I'll definitely post pictures of my trip.
Immediately when I get back from Seattle begins Winter Semester- alright! Bring on Italian, Family Processes, Strengthening Marriage and Family, Book of Mormon, and Aerobic Dance! I have a sweet schedule, I'm out by 1 most days, and 11 on the other days, and my classes are cool- it'll be great!
Well I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I hope your New Years is fun!


Kim said...

Nice summary of Christmas. I'm looking forward to your posts about Washington and next semester.

Elise said...

Your dishes are so awesome! You'll have to come and visit us and we'll have an Asian cuisine feast. Mmm, lettuce wraps.

Also, I'm excited to hear about aerobic dance! Hopefully it kicks your A in a good way! ♥ you!

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