Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Living in an Apartment means COOKING!!

So I love my roommate Haylie for a lot of reasons, but one of them would definitely be that she is the perfect cooking buddy! Lauren and Kaylie, my other roommates, contribute by helping pay for the groceries, and then eating Haylie and my creations! Last Sunday, over a week ago, she and I made an AWESOME dinner of chicken potato soup, rolls, green beans, and Better than ___ (Choose your ultimate and fill in the blank haha) cake for dessert. It was sooo good! She made the soup and the rolls, I made the green beans- which, was more than just microwaving. I added butter and slivered almonds thanks- and the cake. It was all so pretty, I took pictures! My cake was also a huge hit- one of Kaylie's guy friends came over and after taking a bite immediately said, "WHO made this cake and is she single?!!" I will also have to post Haylie's soup recipe- it was SO good! Yay- it's fun cooking in your own little place! Something to make our moms proud, right?


Elise said...

Mmmm... tasty, tasty. That cake is so yummy!

Kim said...

Yes, you do make a mother proud . . . and not just because of the cake.

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