Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My Life is Average, minus the Christmas Miracle

Picture this: I drive my roommates to campus this morning, only to come back to the apartment and realize my house key is in my running shorts' pocket and I am locked out. My bed head of hair is sticking out in random places, I'm wearing the crooked glasses I'm too cheap to replace yet, and I'm in my pajamas, and trying to break into the apartment, unsuccessfully. Thankfully, Alison answers her phone and says she has a key, I drive back to campus, pick up my roommates, and then we decide we want to get breakfast. Yes, I am still in my "just rolled out of bed" appearance. Oh- and because I had originally thought I'd be dropping them off and coming home, I wasn't wearing socks with my shoes. It was a good day to be alive and be out in public.

Onto the Christmas miracle- my roommates and I have decided to take boys rock climbing. As mentioned in the previous post, I'm not a huge fan of asking boys out. However, for a roommate group date, and because I succumb to peer pressure, I made an exception. Well- the boy I had in mind to ask was Cute Boy from my religion class last semester. Cute Boy had originally asked me out, but I had a boyfriend at the time, but then I broke up with my boyfriend, and have been bitter about lack of date with Cute Boy ever since. So I'm walking to school yesterday feeling a bit awkward and wondering how and when I will ask Cute Boy to come rock climbing. I then start to pray and explain that the best possible thing would be if I just ran into him, and wasn't awkward. I prayed my whole way to school that I would run into Cute Boy, that somehow on the huge BYU campus of many buildings, cute boy and I would cross paths. I know it is obvious where this is going, but I will finish the story. I go to the library, and the first floor I go to, there aren't any available computers. So, I go to another floor. As I'm looking for a computer, I look up and who should be entering this floor of the library but CUTE BOY himself! So, I say hi to him and he smiles and we hug and it is just perfect. I casually mention rock climbing, he says yes, and I, I am rather grateful. Of course there are the normal insecurities, like I hope he actually wants to come, I hope it goes well, etc.. But if nothing else, climbing is always fun, and I'm going on a mission anyway.


Emily Juliet Ainian said...

:) :) :) :) :)

I love the Christmas Miracle!! Also, I will be studying all night in the library, so if you want to do dinner or if you want to just say hi, let me know. I love love love you!

Kayla said...

you aint afraid if he reads?

right of course

no fear

63 days. =)

Mele Kalikimaka

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