Monday, October 19, 2009

Google Reader Does it Best

That's right Maryn- I'm writing this blog simply to spite you.

And because I should be writing a paper that's due in two hours instead. But meh, it's only three pages.

To my readers other than Maryn (and Maryn too, I suppose, since I know she'll read this) I'd like to comment on the friendship Maryn and I have. We have been friends for nearly three years- and in those three years, I can honestly say the greatest amount of time we've gone without talking to each other would be a few days at most. The only exceptions have been when either of us has left the country, but other than that, we are always talking. My favorite thing about our friendship lately is how we mildly sabotage each other. We both have access to the other's facebook profile, and so change the picture everyone sees at will. She is currently sporting a picture of Hillary Clinton in her younger years. (I thought I was pretty hilarious) Another example- this blog. She will read it, and not do homework. Sucker. :)

Also- Maryn hates to wait and I hate to hurry. Or vice versa- but I think we both get satisfaction out of taking extra time when we know the other is ready to go. I think it's because we're both pretty expressive about things that bother us, but neither of us get legitimately angry very easily. So it's funny to change my outfit for the 10th time when she already had hers picked out an hour ago.

On a real note though, Maryn is one of the best friends I've ever had (of which there are many) simply because either of us would drop anything, or anyone, to help the other if they needed it. She and I have definitely seen each other through some tough times, be it conflict between us or just because life is crazy, and it's nice to know that someone can know you in some of your weakest moments, and still maintain their high opinion of you.

We are also both boy crazy, and have some pretty good stories between us. :)

I love you friend!


Maryn said...

I love you too friend!

For all of Caitlan's avid stalkers, here is a link to a little tribute to her

Caitlan is awesome!! (but Maryn is more awesome and don't forget it)

Emily Juliet Ainian said...

this entertained me while i was eating breakfast this morning... thank you thank you thank you! Tomorrow! :)

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