Saturday, July 11, 2009

Provo, You're One in a Million

I'm mostly killing a little time before I go for a jog, and sometimes I feel the need to update my blog. That rhymed, but not on purpose. The beauty of this place I have lived for the past two years is this- I know that when I go for my run, I will see, on average, about three other runners per block I cover. Some will be the hardcore, some will be the relaxed sort just getting some exercise (like me) and some will be skanky girls taking the excuse of exercise to wear small amounts of clothing. I always wonder, if I were a boy checking out runners, if I would be attracted to the girl in booty shorts and a revealing tank top or the girl in the old gym shirt wearing shorts with spandex underneath... hm. I am the latter, so it's a good thing I'm not jogging with the intent of attracting anyone. But if I were, they'd be the wholesome type. ;)

What makes Provo special though, is that everything you do could be perceived as being done with the intent of attracting someone. Chances are high that you'll be taking out the garbage, hoping so-and-so is looking out his window at that time, or that maybe he is taking the trash out also. Going to the grocery store means more than just shopping for cereal.

There's such a high concentration of marriage hungry young adults, I don't see how Provo could be anything but an anomaly as far as towns go. People are in such close quarters, you could be straightening your living room and someone would notice. Perhaps he would be an attractive boy and notice that you're good at straightening the room... think about what a good wife you'd make, and have a crush on you forever more.

Provo also has an extremely abnormal distribution of polos and plaid shorts. And hair. Between bleach jobs, poofs that could never have come naturally, and exaggerated side-parts, mixed with boys whose 'long' hair doesn't go past their ears (thanks BYU) or the boys who will never surrender the side part (I salute you, may your mission live on in your heart, or on your head, forever), you're certain to know someone from Provo if their hair is trying to say something while staying within the confines of the honor code.

Now don't get me wrong. I love the majority of the people here and I don't mind the honor code. I own quite a few polos myself, and my bangs are definitely side-swept. I can also appreciate a boy who parts his hair. It is also extremely possible that I love grocery shopping because it's just fun to check people out. But, I've been dying to use the word anomaly and I do sincerely believe Provo is its own thing.


Dave said...

So I see you update your blog often, I find that attractive, want to get married?

Courtney said...

ha ha this is awesome. I was laughing so hard. I miss you. I was glad to see you last weekend even if it was just for a short time in Walmart we all love ha ha. hope you had a good fourth

Sean said...

haha you nerd, i agree with some of that, i used that trash taking excuse often in the fall. anomaly, haha

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