Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2008 Slideshow

It's kind of hard to believe 2008 is over- I hate to say that this year wasn't really that exciting. So it goes growing up I guess. This year can be summed up in college and EFY, and, as freshman year ended, college really isn't quite as exciting. However- here's some memorable times/favorites from 2008. (The song is You Made Me Like It by the 1990s)


becky ward said...

that was fun to watch...and what a fun song! looks like a great year. hope 2009 is EVEN BETTER!

shauna said...

Caitlan. that was very precious. I think i really shined in my picture. Also, I'm really excited to share Math 110 with you. It was a christmas miracle that I got in.

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