Saturday, November 8, 2008

For Real to Blog?

Hello friends. I remember last year when I would find things to blog about on at least a weekly basis. Now... (crickets) ...

I suppose I could blog about that time I was in the library and... nope, nothing special happened.

I did get a new job- that's exciting. After two months of cashiering for Sugar and Spice in that stupid uniform and dealing with coworkers who couldn't even hand out muffins, I quit.:) Where I wanted to work was the Money Room- the place where they handle all the cash from the Wilk (including the vending machines and the barber shop- which, previous to working there, I did not know). About a week before leaving Sugar and Spice, I went and talked to the lady who manages the money room because I had heard they would be needing people soon. She told me to come back on the 10th with an application, and then it'd be another week before I had an interview, and another week before I knew if I had the job. Well, much to my surprise, Karla, the boss, called me this past Wednesday and asked if I was still interested. I came in that day, and I didn't realize I already had the job until she started asking when I could come in to train and what kind of hours I wanted. This was pretty exciting to me- not only was it sooner than I expected, but I got the job I wanted, without even applying! It was flattering to me that she had called me, had already looked up my information and called my previous employers, deemed me worthy, and gave me a job without me even having an interview. I've been working there for two days, and so far, I love it.

Last weekend we had a Halloween party- which, to our surprise, was awesome. We had a really good turnout and it was really fun. My roommates and I dressed up as road signs- Laurie was a "Do Not Pass" sign, Sarah was "Deaf Child Near," Stephanie was "Dangerous Curves," and I was "Two Hour Parking." ;) We thought that since we'd be competing with a lot of other parties, it wouldn't be super great, but it ended up being a ton of fun.

I registered for next semester this past week- I'm taking Economics, Math 110 (i haven't taken math since junior year of high school), Doctrine and Covenants, Intro to Music, and an advertising class, which I'm really excited for.

That is basically my life. Pretty awesome :)


Laurie said...

I just read your title...What the heck kind of grammar is that? Actually, it probably makes sense in some way that I haven't realized yet, then you can make fun of me when you see me next.

Elise said...

You don't blog forever and then you don't even post pictures. Sheesh!

Your job sounds interesting-- and now when people hit on you, you'll know it wasn't just the uniform!

Ann-Michelle said...

i want to first say that my verfication word today was 'parki' i think i will name a fish after it- fun post, no pictures and yet i could still try to imagine those costumes! funny idea- i am sure you guys are having a blast!

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