Monday, October 6, 2008

Ode to a Good Couch

When we first moved into our apartment, everyone agreed that a couch outside our door would be an appropriate addition. And it was- many good conversations happened on our quasi-porch sitting on this most comfortable couch in the evenings. We bought it at DI for $30, which, split four ways- I consider well spent. It also, in my opinion, made a good impression on the rest of the complex- who wouldn't respect an apartment with a sweet couch? Alas- this joy of having our awesome couch was to be short-lived. A piece of paper taped to our door informed us that no furniture is to block the walkway and if it wasn't removed within the week, we would be charged a fine. And so, it now sits in our kitchen (because of lack of room anywhere else), doubling as seating for the kitchen table. Maybe we'll try to sneak it back outside when management isn't looking.:)
Happy roommates- before we knew the couch had to go inside.


Bob said...

The "front porch" couch is a totally awesome idea! Too bad the complex didn't think so.

However, the kitcken couch is even sweeter!

Laurie said...

I laughed at the caption

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