Sunday, May 11, 2008

tonsille fanno galleggiare la mia nave

(tonsils float my boat)

As many of you know, I had my tonsils removed today. They were HUGE. Lori Flatland, Kristie's mother-in-law, works in the hospital, and happened to be the one who got my tonsils. Prior to today, I didn't know they kept stuff like that, but whatev. She came to visit me and brought my tonsils with her- I kid you not when I say each tonsil was easily the size of a golf ball. Sick. I'm glad they're gone.

The actual surgery went great. The only thing I remember is them giving me the IV, being wheeled to the surgery room- which was actually pretty cool because there was someone around pretty much every corner that was headed to my surgery. It was like a movie or medical show where the whole team comes together from their various locations to work on a patient. (Hm... I thought it was really cool, but now that I write about it... perhaps the drugs are still wearing off) Anyway, somewhere between the doorway of the surgery room to the actual center of the room where they'd perform, I must have passed out. The next thing I remember, I woke up in some big room, shaking and gasping for air. I actually felt fine, but I guess that's what the anesthesia will do. When I had oral surgery back in 9th grade, I woke up bawling for absolutely no reason.

I truly did feel great though. Perhaps a little too great- :). The nurse/doctor/guy attending me started talking to me and asking me questions, and when he asked if it was ok to give me pain killers, my first response was, "Facciamolo!", which, in Italian, means, "Let's do this!" I then, thinking I was cool, started saying all sorts or random phrases in Italian and then translating them to him. In the beautiful language, I told him I was awesome, Italian is like Spanish, I didn't like hospitals, and he was very nice. That's what I remember anyway- I very well could have said other things. Haha I can imagine him talking to his other co-workers later and saying, "Yeah, today I had a girl who, when she woke up, started speaking Italian to me. Weird."

Not too much happened after that- the pain really hasn't been as bad as everyone has said it would be. When I thought I had mono, that pain was actually much worse than this. Of course, I didn't have all the medicine I do now, so.... there's probably a correlation. The part I'm most pleased with though is that I can still talk. I do talk quite a bit, so perhaps my vocal cords are stronger than most? I can also breath a lot better, which is way nice. So all in all, my lack of tonsils has been good.:)


Ann-Michelle said...

whenever i am on pain killers i start up pretty interesting conversation with the nurses-so i can feel you on that.hooray for breathing- i know i like it!

becky ward said...

great story! glad you got those golf balls out. im with ann-michelle...i like breathing too!

Elena Manwaring said...

That's hilarious about the Italian! I used to volunteer in the recovery room and it was very strange some of the things people did when they started waking up. Most people cried, but some did crazy stuff like you. And a lot threw up all over the place. It was a fun job. Glad you are feeling better and breathing easier.

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