Friday, March 7, 2008

Road Trip Goodness


I've never posted a video before, so I thought I'd give it a shot. This should give you a small preview of what it's like every time Jessie and I drive home for the weekend. Non-stop interpretive car dancing to classic tunes.:) (For the record, we didn't know Sydnee, Jessie's roommate, was recording in the back, so this is all naturale)

Funny/Interesting Parts of this week: I started training for my new job on Wednesday. It doesn't seem like it'll be too difficult, just a lot of little things to remember. I've never had to wear a uniform to work before, so the little hat and apron are kind of fun.:) (Except I look like an idiot)

While studying Italian yesterday, Danner and I were getting lunch at a sandwich place in the Tanner building. At this little cafe, you fill out a sandwich order, they call your name, and then you have a tasty panino. It makes it more fun, however, to put a silly name on your order. Like yesterday- I got a pretty big kick out of them calling, "Sheila!" when my sandwich was ready. Haha I'm curious as to what they thought when some white kid (Danner) walked up to get his sandwich when they called, "Gemaine!" :)

Last night I went to my friend Max's apartment for him to open his mission call. That was a pretty cool experience- haha he had five or six cellphones with people on speakerphone listening as he read his call- but he's going to Madrid, Spain! Yay for Max!


Midori Ko said...

Video didn't work!! I want to see and dancing...

Elise said...

Sad, I can't see the video. Also, I translated enough to know what he said... I was being interpretive...

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