Saturday, February 23, 2008

Story of My Life

20 years ago... 1988 - I was being planned for. Literally- my twentieth birthday is a little less than ten months away.
10 years ago: 1998 - I won the school-wide spelling bee as a fourth grader- haha I remember it was like revolutionary that I had beat even the fifth graders, and I was popular for a little bit. The word I won on- pre-conditioned. The word I lost on when we went to districts- nordic. I still think I said D and the judge thought I said T and disqualified me.
5 years ago: 2003 - I was just starting high school at Lake Stevens High School. The only year of high school that I had a 4.0, and haha I thought I was so awesome because Jake let me hang out with all his senior friends.
3 years ago: 2005 - This was the year I started crew- the team nicknamed me "Mormon" and instead of a farmer tan, I had a Mormon tan.
1 year ago... 2007 - I accomplished the amazing feat of graduating high school and about a month after, went to BYU, where my life truly began. That summer was awesome.
So far this year...2008 - I've been doing pretty well. Classes are a lot of fun, things are working out for the summer and fall, and my life is pretty much just a party.
Yesterday I.. drove up to Idaho Falls with Jessie. It was a pretty eventful drive- I'm usually a pretty good driver, but for some reason, yesterday I made all sorts of mistakes. Probably the worst was when I almost killed someone. (she shouldn't have been on the cross walk at that time anyway, but for some reason it made me laugh really hard that when I turned around she was sprinting, backpack and all, away from the car... yikes. Come on, I stopped in time)
Today I . . . really haven't done much. We were up pretty late last night, so I actually only woke up about a half hour ago. I've had enough time to check my email and write a blog. My life rocks. :)

I tag everyone on my link list. If you're reading this, that means you.


Laurie said...

wow, that's almost killed someone? that puts your driving record 1 all against Tia's. Oh and guess what, I commented on your blog!

Caitlan said...

Haha well... yeah. Yay!! I'm so excited you commented!

Kim said...

Surprise #1--How's this for an instant comment? As always, very entertaining. Have you ever considered being a comedy writer as one of your future career options! Surprise #2--I'm going to do the tag RIGHT NOW.

Kim said...

Oh, sheesh, Caitlan. Why do you keep tagging me? I think I'm now 2 behind. But at least it gives me ideas for blogs.

Ann-Michelle said...

ahh- i love pedestrian-tag- they always lose! anyway, the spelling bee-haahh- i think i still have a little grudge against sarah miller for putting me in second place (perhaps third, but i have a fuzzy memory when it comes to losing)

Elise said...

Pheasant, dammit. That was the word I lost on; I spelled it with an -ent on the end. I still remember losing, and my dreams of being a world-famous speller were shattered. Then I actually saw a national spelling bee and I quickly realized that the judge did me a favor.

Um... you almost killed someone?

Dnnr said...

"OGGI - sono stata presa in giro da Danner, il mio insegante italiano. Ormai mi sento normale quando succedde perche capita frequentamente."

Mele Kalikimaka

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