Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Living Space

We had our cleaning check today, and our room just looks so nice, I wanted to take a picture! (Slash get some sort of credit for making my bed, it's a rare occasion, but I just figure- I'm going to mess it up later anyway) I've decided to create my own tag out of it and I challenge all my college friends (Branden, Danner, Kim, and Tia, and anyone else who wants to) to display their college living quarters also. :)

I should make my bed more often.:)

When I took art history I learned about a concept called horror vacui, when the artist doesn't leave any empty space. Hmmm...

My side of the room.

Kamryn's side of the room. Her art is so cool!

A random sidenote, but I LOVE love my camera! Not only is it red (and sexy, according to Elise and Ann-Michelle) but it has survived two major falls. I do take good care of it, but I dropped it down the stairs in the dorms and on the sidewalk. It is totally fine. Don't worry- I have started taking precautions, like putting the strap around my wrist, but I'm still impressed with its resiliency.


Dnnr said...

Oooo - resiliency . . . big word . . .

.allison. said...

wow, that picture confuses me. I wonder how you took it. hmm..

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