Friday, February 29, 2008

The Beauty of a Blog....

... is that you can tell a story, and you only have to tell it once, because all of the important people read it.:)

So the exciting news- I got the job at Sugar and Spice! (A bakery/ice cream place at BYU) The funny part about this story- some of you may be familiar with my voicemail- "Hi this is Caitlan, I'm not here right now, so just leave a message... actually don't leave a message... unless it's important. Either way, I'll call you back." This is effective for people who like to leave me stupid messages (you know who you are) but slightly inappropriate for job callbacks... However, I thought I would combat this by keeping my phone with me until they called back and not have to change my voicemail. Alas, I left my phone on silent, and they called without my realizing it and left a message after hearing my snotty voicemail. Oh well- I still got the job.:)

In my MFHD class, we've been learning about family ideologies. There are four main ideologies- closed (a more traditional, clear-cut rules sort), open (extremely communicative, up to discussion), random (rules are unspecific, family members somewhat individualistic) and synchronous (unchanging- doesn't actually exist, I don't know why we learned about it). Anyway- none of the ideologies is better or worse than the other, they're just different. So Dr. Holman put us into groups and we had to come up with examples defining whichever topic he gave us. Our group was given closed, and we started to list things that would make a family closed. The funny part was that the people in my group almost sarcastically said things like, "Yeah, I bet they mow their lawn like twice a week and weed the garden every other day." "Ha I bet they have a separate room for the food storage!" "They probably have some nice little house dog." "They have a table runner!" "All the doors have locks on them." You're probably starting to get the idea- and hey DeArtons- any of this ring a bell? Everything they gave as examples defined my family. Even other closed groups' ideas- haha so many little things I never thought twice about! And I'm sure a lot of families are similar to ours, but my group found it pretty funny how accurate people's suggestions were. I think the thing that amused my friend the most was that everyone in our family has their own toothpaste. And I'm thinking, "Well of course we do! I like this kind, you like that nasty kind- why would we ever share?"

This next story- I hope I can do it justice. Laurie and Sarah live on the second floor and had cleaning checks last week. Laurie was cleaning her window, and I forget why I was in the room, but anyway- as she was cleaning her window, the screen popped out. We looked out and speculated on the jumping possibilities. It didn't look too far down, and besides- if you jumped straight down, there were bushes, and if you missed those or jumped further, there was grass. On top of that, there was a small ledge outside the window that would make the jump less drastic. After a little bit, Ginny, Laurie, Stephanie, and I were gathered around the window eyeing the distances. I stepped out of the window onto the ledge just to see if a foot would even fit on the ledge and then came back inside. Laurie did the same. (I can't imagine how funny this would have looked- a bunch of girls crowded in a window testing out the ledge in turns) Ginny then stepped out and said it didn't seem too bad. Thus began the coercion- "Do it Ginny- the bushes would cushion your fall!"
"No- land on the grass, but do a parkour roll so you don't break something."
"No Ginny don't do it!" -Steph
"Why shouldn't she?"- one of us
"Because then if Ginny jumps, I have to jump too. I can't be shown up!"-Steph.
"Do it Ginny. I'll give you a cookie."-me, regrettably
"A cookie?"-Ginny.
"Oh for sure. Do it! I'll totally give you a cookie."-me.
Ginny then proceeded to crouch down a little, counted to three, started to change her mind, but then lost her balance, and fell into the bushes anyway. All of us still in the room lost it- we were laughing so hard. Poor Ginny just sort of lay in the bushes moaning. After a while, she stood up and revealed a rip in her back pocket that tore all the way through her jeans. We kept laughing, I bought her a cookie, and she came upstairs to change. A few minutes later, she came to Laurie and Sarah's room where we all were, and revealed a gash on the left side of her behind. It was pretty funny, but luckily Steph is a nursing major and has an amazing first aid kit (I'm not sure if those two details coincide, but it seems like they should) and fixed Ginny up. We were all laughing as Stephanie put bandages on Ginny's butt, but we felt pretty bad. Overall it is really funny though- we dared her to jump and then she ended up hurting her bum. :)

Aerobic dance is still an amazing class- on Wednesday we learned to do jumping jacks in formation. I can't even describe to you how incredible it was. I couldn't keep a straight face, but I loved it! Such a good class.

Well that's about all I can think of- hopefully this made you smile a little!


Laurie said...

Blog comment #2!!

A) Ginny would probably be mad if she saw that, but it was hilarious to read nonetheless.

B) She didn't lose her balance, she just finally jumped. For the honor of Ginny I'm saying that, not because I'm annoying. ... or maybe I am but you shouldn't tell me, ignorance is bliss.

Kim said...

That is AMAZING. Ginny is my new favorite person. Ever. Because she was willing to risk suicide for a cookie. She's my idol.

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