Sunday, December 9, 2007

This Past Week

Every semester since probably my freshman year of high school, by the time finals rolls around, I almost want to give up! But, as my New Testament teacher so kindly told me, "Anyone can make it through two weeks." That statement has proven to be more effective than I think she realized. This college business is hard, not going to lie, but I don't really know what else I'd be doing, so woohoo- go BYU! And, since anyone can make it through two weeks, here I go- the last week of classes with all our final assignments due, and a week of finals to finish it off- wish me luck.

On a more positive- and interesting note- it's been an exciting week!

On Wednesday was the basketball game against Weber State. I don't know much about Weber State, but their basketball team is pretty good! However, we still won.:) I love to watch our team play and I think they're really good, but I would like to see a game where the opposing team gave a little competetion. It's fun to win, but it's more fun to win when it was a fight. Whatev- go cougars!

Friday night Brian and I went to get hot chocolate from Starbucks- so delicious. I believe it was Ann-Michelle who converted me to the ways of Starbucks. I recommend ordering a Carmel Hot Chocolate, and then adding a little bit of cinnamon, nutmeg, and vanilla. It's very good- but be careful not to add too much cinnamon.

Saturday night Kristie and Todd drove down for the Anberlin, Mae, and Motion City Soundtrack concert. It was a lot of fun! I love concerts, although I felt like I was quite up to snuff to be near the front this time. You know, everyone thinks it's the best to be up in the mosh pit, but I have to say- they're the same every time and you can actually hear and enjoy the music better from a couple feet away from the sweaty masses. Every time, you have less personal space than you thought was actually possible, every time there is someone nearby who forgot deodorant or a shower for the past week, and every time people get out of control. So- after one band, we went to the back and enjoyed some good music.:) All the bands performed very well, though Motion City Soundtrack, the band headlining, was definitely the best.


Todd and Ann-Michelle said...

about starbucks- you are welcome. a-m

Elise said...

I love starbucks HC! Yummmmmm...

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