Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Pretty Purse

Yay I love being tagged! Elise tagged me to show the contents of my purse- it's not quite as funny as hers, but I still thought it was sort of fun to see what I consider "essentials" wherever I go.



From the bottom up:
1. A must for every purse- my chapstick. Utah is so dry! I never needed it before, but now I can't live without it.
2. Eyeliner- you never know when you'll need to touch up I guess. I don't usually keep it with me, but I guess it's a good idea.
3. A few hair things of course. I'm a firm believer in the ability of a ponytail holder and a bobby pin or two being able to save lives. Or hair days anyway.
4. Apartment key! This is actually a loan key- I left my real keys on my desk when I went home for Thanksgiving.
5. The infamous bus pass. Someday I'll have a car. Someday. Meanwhile, this little card is my way to the bus every day to school.
6. Ah, sweet iPod. Anytime I'll be by myself for more than ten minutes, I listen to some good tunes. It makes things more fun.:)
7. A cool BYU bookstore pen. They gave it to me as part of orientation, it's actually pretty sweet. It's one of those clicker pens that says a different message on the side every time you click. They're mostly about being a good employee, but whatever.
8. A wallet- a good thing to have. I thought it'd be cool to see what was inside my wallet too- so here goes!

A few random cards including a BYU signature card, an All-Sports pass, my Cool Card (yes Ann-Michelle I still have it), license, temporary temple recommend, and an old football game ticket. I also have some random fortunes, a library card, a credit card, and a debit card. It's funny that I don't have any change or cash in my wallet.


Elise said...

How come no one ever gave me a cool card? Should I feel self-conscious about that?

Elise said...

Also, I think you should share your random fortunes!

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